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GameSpy (Apr 18, 2003)
Although is doesn't have the popular appeal of racing on four wheels, motorcycle racing, or in this case, the MotoGP3, can be just as deep and entertaining, and for the record, it's more dangerous and difficult. Namco's third entry into the series improves in nearly every way on its predecessors, offering more motorcycles, more tracks, and more modes of play, all fully licensed. Additionally, it's been made both easier on the casual gamer through optional assist modes and more challenging for the hardcore driver through multiple challenges and levels of difficulty.
GameZone (Mar 30, 2003)
It takes nerves of steel to climb on that rumbling beast that--at any minute--can propel itself at top speeds that make everything look like a blur out there. You really have to hand it to racers of these powerful machines; it’s not easy going up against the best the racing circuit has to offer. Yet in MotoGP3, gamers are given the chance to take them on and go for the gold in the fast-paced racing circuit. Strap on that helmet on, racing fans its either go for the glory or kiss the pavement.
IGN (Mar 18, 2003)
Without a doubt, Namco has a reputation of making quality games. They also have a reputation of making incremental upgrades to their franchise sequels. Just take a look at the Tekken or Soul Calibur games. Heck, let's even throw Pac-Man in the mix. While there were undoubtedly improvements made with each iteration of the said games, there was hardly a monumental innovation to be found; the core of each game remained true to its predecessors.
GameSpot (Mar 20, 2003)
With the coming of the 2003 motorcycle racing season, Namco is releasing MotoGP3, the third installment in its motorcycle racing series. Namco's series is heralded as the official game of MotoGP, and it's licensed by Dorna, the organization responsible for the annual tournament. On a superficial level, the third MotoGP game seems like a formulaic expansion on its immediate predecessor--it features 15 tracks instead of 10, 41 motorcycles instead of 38, and a bit more polish in the graphics, but otherwise it's very similar to the last game in the series. Look deeper, however, and you'll find that considerable work has been done in refining the controls, addressing the requests of fans of the series, and adding some gameplay elements to help the game better compete with THQ's MotoGP-licensed Xbox title.
81 (May 12, 2003)
Ratamoottoripyöräilypelien markkinat PlayStation 2:lla ovat aika tarkkaan Namcon osteri, harvat kilpailijat kun saavat yleensä vielä vähemmän huomiota. Se myös näkyy jäljessä, sillä MotoGP 3 ei ole mikään jättiloikkaus edellisestä osasta missään suhteessa. Kuitenkin se sisältää myös parannuksia, joiden ansiosta peliä on helpompi lähestyä myös muun kuin fanaattisen prätkäfanin. Simulaatiomoodikin alkaa pikkuhiljaa siirtyä pelkästään turhauttavasta ajoittain palkitsevaan. Jos tuntuu että moottoripyöräily voisi kiinnostaa, mutta edellinen MotoGP ei oikein säväyttänyt, saattaa kolmosta kannattaa kokeilla. Sen sijaan edellisen osan omistajien tuskin kannattaa tätä hankkia pelkkien uusien kuljettajien takia. Etenkin kun alkuvideossa näkyy nyt vähemmän tyttöjä.
Game Over Online (May 29, 2003)
MotoGP3 is based on the extreme and visceral sport of Grand Prix Motorcycle racing, and allows you to compete against various real-world riders through a number of licensed racetracks. Yet it is difficult to pinpoint what makes this game so incredibly entertaining, even after three relatively similar incarnations. Well, it could be the realistic water speckles that form on your windshield when you are driving in the rain. On the other hand, it might be the super-detailed bike models that appear 20 at a time. It could also be the photo-realistic environments that feature spookily realistic weather effects.
GamePro (US) (Mar 21, 2003)
Around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, around, and the world keeps spinnin'. La da dee dah. Moto GP 3 is for serious motorcycle-simulation fans only. If you're not interested in the minutiae of the sport, go dust off Road Rash and read no further.
75 (Apr 14, 2003)
En somme, ce Moto GP 3 reste dans la lignée de ce que nous avait pondu Namco avant. Peu d'évolution si ce n'est le freinage arrière et un titre qui finalement aura sans doute du mal à rivaliser de manière sérieuse avec le soft de THQ sur Xbox. Pour ce qui concerne la PS2 en revanche, ce jeu reste bien entendu une référence, même dans cette troisième déclinaison, la réalisation est tout à fait correcte en dépit de quelques défauts et la balance entre le côté arcade et simulation reste très honnête pour intéresser les joueurs de tous horizons...
Game Revolution (Apr, 2003)
It used to be that motorcycles were only ridden by big fat guys and the Hell's Angels. The minimum requirements included a beer belly and at least one naked lady tattooed to your arm. But these days, things are different.
74 (Sep 01, 2003)
Moto GP 3 is something for the real hardcore fans and pure racing addicts amongst us. The others better stay away from this games because they'll only get frustrated, certainly if you think about the fact you've paid 50 euro for a game that hardly ever found the way to your PS2 after the first week.