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My Street Credits

Idol Minds

AnimatorDavid Blanchette
Character SetupKeith Bruns
Character Modeling/TexturingPeter Walters
Concept ArtistJason Buch
DesignerMark Lyons
Environment ArtistsChris Brown, Kevin Gregg, Tim Lindsey, Kathleen Lowe, Andy Meier, Chad Riggs, Eric Schafer
Graphic ArtistChris Brown
ProgrammersPhil Collins, Mark Lyons, Alex MacPhee, Jim Mooney, Adam Pino, Shawn Sheridan, Phillip Weeks
Animation Team LeadKeith Bruns
Enviroment Team LeadAndy Meier
Graphic Arts Team LeadPeter Walters
Programming Team LeadPhil Collins
Project ManagerJim Mooney
Character SupervisorPeter Walters
Environment SupervisorAndy Meier
Programming SupervisorMark Lyons
Operations ManagerPhillip Weeks
PresidentMark Lyons
Additional ArtDon Creger, Craig Neering, Morris Olmsted
Additional ProgrammingRandall Foster, Zak Taylor
OperationsAmy Olson, Mike Medley

Sony Computer Entertainment America

ProducerKolbe Launchbaugh
Senior ProducerChris Cutliff
Director of Sports Product DevelopmentKelly Ryan
Audio DirectorBuzz Burrowes
Sound Design ManagerDavid Murrant
Lead Sound DesignerTristan des PrĂ©s
Dialog EngineerGreg deBeer
Sound DesignerNathan Brenholdt
Dialog EditorKim Foscato
Script WriterChris Tannhauser
Voice TalentAndrew Chaikin, Mark Giamonte, Corina Harman, Marcie Henderson, Thessaly Lerner, Monica Murray, Nicki Rapp, Erica Smith, Jacob Thompson, Giovanni Pico, Pascal des Pres, Annemieke Frost, Chuck Carr, Sharon Coleman, Connie Hall, Carolyn des Pres
Music DirectorChuck Doud
Original Music CompositionScorpio Sound LLC
Additional MusicChuck Carr
Director First Party Quality AssuranceMichael Blackledge
Senior Manager First Party Quality AssuranceRitchard Markelz
Core Manager First Party Quality AssuranceMike Veigel
Technology Manager First Party Quality AssuranceKevin Simmons
Lead Technician First Party Quality AssuranceVince Loughney
Usability and Online Manager First Party Quality AssuranceFred Dodson
Project Coordinator First Party Quality AssuranceJason Villa
Release Coordinator First Party Quality AssuranceEric Ippolito
Game Test Engineer First Party Quality AssuranceSteven Schulte, Gary Valois
AnalystsTimothy Lanning, Guillermo Garcia Michael, A. Willette, Randy Icasas, Chad Walker, Sean D. Valencia, Gabe Datte, Conrad M. Noche, Fred D. Fabian Jr., Chris Cromwell, Jacques Segall, Greg Hicks, Bryan Fong, Tyler Everett, Mathew J. Zauher, Joe Price, J. Cruz Garcia, Kevin Hoiland, Jason C. Coker, Daniel Guerrero, Kirk Watson
Director Online TechnologyGlen Van Datta
Project ManagerGreg Becksted
Developer Support LeadWilliam McCarroll
Lead EngineerBrian Fernandes, Adam Harris, Erika Kato, Ken Miyaki, Steve Wagner
EngineersMark Jacob, Sunmee Jang, John Kleven, Anthony Mai, Allen Pouratian, Ramana Prakash, Tom Sawyer, Steven Slover, Eric Whelpley
Tools & Technology ManagerBrian Dawson
Senior Tools EngineerDavid Hubbard
Tools EngineerJoe Wilkerson
Development Tools & Accounts AdministratorJason Young
Maya Technical Support GroupChris Mayberry, David Marshall, Rick Harding
Special ThanksJody Kelsey Jr., Algon Leighton, Rick Rossiter, Randy Lopez, Andrew Lee, Keith Hutchinson, Derrell Jenkins, Robert Clark, Kristin Mason, Kristin Hansen, Annemieke Frost, Becky Boyd, Tracy Rossiter
Product Marketing ManagerJohn Koller
Product Marketing SpecialistMaggie Rojas
Director, Product MarketingAmi Matsumura-Blaire
Director, PromotionsSharon Shapiro
Director, Public RelationsMolly Smith
Director, Direct and Online MarketingSteve Williams
Director, Creative ServicesEd DeMasi
Creative Services ManagerQuinn Pham Le
POP ManagerJosh Bingham
PromotionsDonna Armentor, Mary Thomas, Johanna Legarda
Public RelationsPatrick Seybold, Alyssa Casella, Heather Crosby, Tina Casalino
Director, Legal & Business AffairsShelly Gayner
Packaging and Manual DesignINO Group
DocumentationHanshaw Inc & Image

Other Games

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Ritchard Markelz, 255 other games
Eric Ippolito, 206 other games
Ami Matsumura-Blaire, 165 other games
Chuck Doud, 156 other games
David Murrant, 146 other games
Vince Loughney, 123 other games
Molly Smith, 113 other games
Greg Hicks, 108 other games
Buzz Burrowes, 107 other games
Donna Armentor, 102 other games
Sharon Shapiro, 96 other games
John Koller, 95 other games
Andrew Chaikin, 93 other games
Michael Blackledge, 93 other games
Ken Miyaki, 91 other games
Alyssa Casella, 88 other games
Quinn Pham Le, 88 other games
Chris Cromwell, 87 other games
Kelly Ryan, 85 other games
Greg Becksted, 77 other games
Kevin Simmons, 74 other games
Patrick Seybold, 73 other games
Ed DeMasi, 71 other games
Steve Williams, 69 other games
Shelly Gayner, 69 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69260) and Adam Pino (37)