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GamePro (US) (Jan 30, 2001)
Not surprisingly, GameBreaker looks and plays like 989's other football game GameDay 2001. There have been some small changes to the core gameplay and options, but overall, it hasn't improved on the GameDay 2001 graphics or game engine. The game has some good action, but is less of an exact simulation.
GameSpot (Dec 21, 2000)
Visually, NCAA GameBreaker 2001 looks more like a PlayStation game than a PlayStation 2 game, unless you're comparing it with NFL GameDay 2001 for the PS2, as the two games use the same engine. The player models aren't very smooth or very different from one another. The animations of the players are too similar to one another - they run up and down the field like a band of soldiers. Even though Sony claims to have scaled all the players in the game to accurately reflect their real-life counterparts, the game uses just a few basic model types. There's an athletic build for the quarterbacks, receivers, and cornerbacks. Linebackers basically have two types, one large-but-fit model and one large-and-obese model. These standardized character models - along with the game's uniform animations for catching, running, tackling, and so forth - give NCAA GameBreaker 2001 an artificial look that practically ruins the experience.
We don't like graphics that aren't even up to Dreamcast standards, we don't like games that are packed with bugs, we don't like football games with confusing play-calling screens and, to be perfectly honest, we don't like games that are nowhere near as good as the competition. Only because this game has a few college football elements, which set it apart from Madden's NFL gameplay, does it get a higher mark than NFL GameDay. But if there is such a thing as a low end to a Miss score, this game would be there, precipitously hanging with its arms spinning in comical circles directly over the ledge that drops into Dudville.
PSM (Feb, 2001)
Most of the same problems that made GameDay 2001 such a disappointment are still in this game. The animations are chunky, players pause unrealistically after every catch, the models are only PlayStation quality, the AI is slow to react, the playcalling screen is confusing and that's just the start of this game's issues. The problems were simply too much for this development team to overcome.