Nettaiteikiatsu Shōjo Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Creating system data before starting the game.
Main menu.
Game options.
Looks like a big storm out there.
Main title.
Character introduction in the opening movie.
Satellite view of the Tokyo.
Looks like a nice weather.
Full character display in the opening movie.
Looking at the weather prognosis on TV.
Typhoon seems to be heading straight for Tokyo.
Your little sister entering your room.
Talking to Mahiru, your younger sister.
What started as a nice and sunny day suddenly turned dark and gloomy.
In-game menu.
Close up on Ui Kamikaze.
Checking the conversation history log.
School campus.
Changing locations uses some of the basic transition effects for background images.
In the classroom.
A rather convenient fall.
Tomoe and Ui in the gym.