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Outlaw Golf 2 Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Opening video shows golfers player can select, though some will be locked
Main Title
Main Menu
Character selection screen
Course selection screen
Ghost ball lets you see where the ball would land if you would hit it as planned
Summer is swinging to hit the ball
Too strong, the ball went across the hole and over to the other side
Who let those ducks walk around, they better not ruin my strike
Summer is spanking her caddy as a sort of a good luck charm for the next hole
Red trajectory line indicates that there's an obstacle on the way, in this case, the ball will hit the tree if launched as planned
Whoever built a golf course right in the city, but still, better watch for the windows
Better not miss this, nine bad shots was embarrassing enough
Score board looks awfully red, that means many many negative points
El Suave takes on some practice in distance shooting
When near the hole, you can switch cameras for better angle
And this one's a put (note how you can fast forward every shot if your patience runs out)
Selecting the costume and outfit for Harley
Introducing Killer Miller to the tour
Introducing Clem to the tour
There are two bonus tokens to select this time around
Winning a golf cart racing will earn you the legendary fire ball
Great strike by Harley
Ah, there's nothing worse than bad calculation that leads your ball to stop right in front of the hole