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75 (Jan 17, 2004)
Zuerst einmal sollte festgestellt werden, wer mit Outlaw Golf etwas anfangen kann: Der Profigolfer nicht, der hat genug hochwertige Alternativen. Der Mittagspausenschwinger auch nicht, die Bedienung erfordert trotz aller Einfachheit durchaus ihre Einarbeitungszeit. Bleibt nur die Zielgruppe der verrückten Gelegenheits-Golfer, die keinen übertriebenen Wert auf technischen Schnickschnack legen, und ihrem Caddy schon lange mal einen Driver um die Gurgel knoten wollten. Der Prügelaspekt ist eine witzige Angelegenheit, wenn auch eigentlich nur Nebensache, die Animationen nach Vollendung jedes Loches zumindest die ersten paar Mal sehr unterhaltsam. Insgesamt bleibt ein gutes, aber nicht sehr gutes Golfspiel, das den nicht zu anspruchsvollen Rasentrampler eine Zeit lang gut unterhält.
GameSpot (Nov 30, 2004)
Whether or not you think modern men's lifestyle magazines are entertaining and informative should serve as a suitable yardstick for determining how favorably you'll react to the overall attitude of Outlaw Golf 2. It is, undeniably, an integral aspect of the game. But even if the game's sensibilities don't appeal to you, the other positive qualities--like the $19.99 price tag, the online play, and the well-executed gameplay mechanics--may still make Outlaw Golf 2 an attractive package for you.
IGN (Nov 24, 2004)
All of it points right to a title that is hitting the shelves as a budget title and deservedly so. It's frustrating since the basic golfing game is well done and fun when it's allowed to happen. Outlaw Golf 2 is still a pretty good time for a little while and especially improves when played with other people in person or online, but it keeps getting held back by the same attributes it adds that become more like stumbling blocks as the jokes get old and the animations have been seen too many times. With the $19.99 price tag, it's still a good deal, but there are plenty of reasons to keep on looking
70 (Nov 25, 2003)
Si vous faites parties des joueurs qui salivent sur les screenshots prometteurs de ce titre depuis un bon moment, vous risquez de trouver le résultat un peu juste du fait que les développeurs n'ont finalement pas osé pousser la démence suffisamment loin pour réellement surprendre. Résultat, même si l'idée est originale, on se lasse assez vite du côté burlesque pour s'apercevoir que le gameplay n'est pas non plus totalement crédible. Outlaw Golf demeure malgré tout un titre surprenant dans sa catégorie, qui pourra amuser un temps les fans de softs mutijoueur.
Thunderbolt Games (Feb 15, 2005)
At the end of the day we’re taught as children to never judge a book by its cover and that seems especially relevant here. For all its tits and ass and needless swearing, Outlaw Golf 2 is a surprisingly engaging golf game that’s great value for money and is perfect to appease those post-pub blues. Tiger Woods eat your heart out.
65 (Dec 19, 2003)
“Outlaw Golf” has an arcade-concept, but simulation-gameplay. Both are good, but one should be warned about the unmarked combination. Once used to the gameplay it is fun and challenging and most of the time the graphics are nice. Sound nevertheless is bad all the way, but since you can adjust everything in the options and it is a golf game, this is a poor excuse for leaving it on the shelf. After all, this is a pretty good game and in its genre it should definitely be ranked top 5. Which won't be too hard considering the amount of golf-games.
Pro-G (Feb 08, 2005)
As it is, rather than an Outlaw as promised, we end up with a somewhat errant teenager who looks like a nice boy underneath but is too busy mimicking the unfunny bits of South Park and stealing sweets to take his GCSEs with the big boys. Or something equally ridiculous.
PSX Extreme (Feb 14, 2005)
If the controls were just a little better, and the game wasn't so frustrating, Outlaw Golf 2 would be a really good game. For $20, the amount of courses and play modes is impressive, and the fact that it's online is an even bigger bonus. That said, there are simply better options out there for anyone looking to play online, or anyone looking for a game with good pacing and responsive controls. If you enjoyed the first game, then by all means go pick this one up, but even at $20 it's not for everyone.