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Advertising Blurbs
    Ladies, gentlemen, erm... anthropomorphic contestants, start your engines.

    Wocka-wocka-wocka - take to your kart and race through a variety of environments as the iconic Pac-Man or other beloved creations from past Namco classics.

    Fast and exciting racing is the order of the day, as you compete to win in flat-out races and battle in colourful arenas with special weapons, power-ups and variety Pac-Man powers.

    • Play as either iconic characters from the Pac-Man universe or choose from an all-star cast of classic Namco characters
    • Battle in Pac-style with special power-ups and abilities
    • Test your skills in time trial and grand prix competitions, or the game's Battle Arena mode

    Contributed by DreinIX (10672) on Apr 25, 2008. - GameCube:

    Wakka-Wakka Meets VROOM!

    Will Pac-Man make a pit stop for cherries?

    The Pacs do more than chomp; they also race with reckless abandon in Pac-Man World Rally.

    • Race through colorful environments inspired by Pac-Man World
    • Race as Pac-Man, Pac Jr. and other famous Namco characters
    • Frantic Battle Arena combat features special weapons and power-ups

    No story needed here. It's all about speed when four ghosts and a host of Pacs get behind the wheel.

    If you've played other battle-racing games, Pac-Man World Rally will feel instantly familiar to you. You and seven other racers spin laps around unique tracks. As you race, you'll snag some power-ups that will give you a speed boost or attack an enemy's ride. Yummy pellets line the roadway, and when you eat enough of them, you fill up a Super Pac-Man meter. Activating Super Pac puts you--for a few seconds--in the ultimate Pac rig and turns all other racers into chompable ghosts.

    One cool gameplay element comes from Pac-Man's second favorite thing to eat: fruit. Each track has its own fruit, and when you chomp a piece, the fruit gives you access to shortcuts.

    In addition to the standard circuit races, Pac-Man World Rally features several battle modes, including Deathmatch and Last Kart Driving. In each one of the battle, you can compete with up to seven computer-controlled racers or your friends.

    Bottom Line
    The level of difficulty gears Pac-Man World Rally toward younger gamers. The tracks are wide enough to be plenty forgiving for those who have trouble maneuvering the corners.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65810) on Apr 19, 2007.