PES 2008: Pro Evolution Soccer Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.
Before the title screen is displayed there is a optional animated sequence t hat combines monochrome graphics, orange hair and bubbles with urban running
After pressing START at the title screen the player is prompted for the difficulty setting of their game
This is the main menu. Up/down changed the option to either Match, Master League, World Tour, Community, League, Cup, Selection Match, Network, Training, Edit, Gallery or System Settings
In the Gallery the player can edit the game's playlist of 59 tracks, view the awards that are available or the cups that have been won. They can also buy stuff with PES points
In Edit mode the player can create a new footballer of modify an existing one. They can also edit teams, boots, logos, stadium names, and both league and cup names
The training section offers both Free Training and Step-by-Step (SbS) training. SbS training comes in three levels each of which consists of a series of steps
A training example. The player is shown what to do, shown the appropriate button combination and then gets to practice it
The Free Training menu where the player can choose the skill they want to develop
Playing a quick match, this is an Exhibition match with Australia vs Australia. After strip selection there's this team selection screen before the game starts
A match in progress with a free kick about to be taken. This is the default game view, other camera angles can be purchases with PES points
For special events such as yellow cards, goal kicks or player reactions the game does use a different camera angle
Half time game statistics