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1UP (Nov 22, 2006)
While it may arrive a little too late for the last gen and look a little too old for the next gen, as PSO proved before it, a good game will keep them coming back. It's too early to say whether PSU will have the same level of staying power in an age inundated with online games, but its pedigree makes this one worth watching -- and playing.
Worth Playing (Nov 25, 2006)
Most of this can be swept under the rug for the sake of experiencing the vastly improved gameplay, which actually demands the use of brain cells this time around. Gameplay is paramount, and I would say that PSU is a better game than the original, but not necessarily up to the same level of quality. If you're a fan, you don't need me to tell you to be here, but if you're new, please mull over the contents of this review, and think: Does micromanaging in an action RPG sound fun? If so, this is the best console game for that. PC gamers have much better options, but if you're looking for a more hands-on take on the concept, at least give this one a month of your time.
70 (May 21, 2009)
Como action-RPG, PSU se queda en mitad del pelotón, sin aprovechar las oportunidades que le podían hacer destacarse del resto pero tampoco complicándole en demasía la vida al usuario, que una vez asimilado el control, un proceso un pelín costoso en caso de de no estar familiarizado con otros título de la serie, se encontrará con una aventura que se deja jugar con facilidad hasta su término y que olvidará al minuto siguiente de ver los créditos si no decide usar el juego online.
Gameplay RPG (Dec, 2006)
Phantasy Star Universe offre une épopée grisante qui comporte de bonnes surprises scénaristiques, un mode on-line accrocheur et une bande-son attrayante. Cependant, PSU souffre d'une qualité technique déjà obsolète face à la concurrence mais aussi d'un gameplay convenant peu au RPG solo. D'un jeu majestueux que l'on aimerait posséder, on passe rapidement à un titre de qualité réservé aux fans de la saga. En somme, un soft à ne pas mettre entre toutes les mains... Dommage !
70 (Dec 08, 2006)
And that's a shame, because, despite the obvious drawbacks, I've enjoyed my time on PSU immensely. Sadly, Sega's laughable online policy and faulty net code remains, but these are gripes PSO veterans like myself have lived with throughout the series' various iterations. Even clearly noticeable repetition and developer laziness can't fully erase what is in essence an almightily addictive and emergent base structure. In the end, Phantasy Star Universe suffers from a few wayward aspects, but remains more than the sum of its parts.
IGN (Nov 07, 2006)
Not enough was done to the Phantasy Star Online formula for this newest title in the series to feel fresh. Simply adding new weapons and techniques, changing the environments and adding a few extras such as the bedroom isn't enough when the online RPG has become a fully blown phenomenon. Online RPGs have groomed us to expect to get a vibrant, ever changing world that is full of things to explore and quests to complete. Instead Phantasy Star Universe offers a few hub cities, cookie cutter environments and pointless missions. Even with the addictive qualities, the lack of variety in gameplay makes this one grow old quickly.
65 (Dec 09, 2006)
Der Online-Modus ist ein inhaltlich künstlich limitierter Lag- und Slowdown-Marathon ohne jeglichen Story-Gehalt. Zudem fehlt es der Spielwelt an Umfang, der Spielmechanik an Abwechslung und den Community-Features an Komfort. Der Story-Modus hatte mich hingegen positiv überrascht, kann mit seinem antiquierten Leveldesign und der dürftigen KI aktuellen Offline-Rollenspielen jedoch nicht das Wasser reichen. Auch technisch wirkt PSU reichlich veraltet. Online gibt's hingegen auf allen Systemen unfreiwillige Bullet-Time, während eure Mitspieler epileptisch durch die Gegend zuckeln und ihr Gegentreffer aus dem nichts kassiert. Grundlegende Jäger- und Sammlertriebe werden zwar nach wie vor befriedigt und mit ein paar Freunden machen auch die simplen Missionen eine Weile lang Spaß, aber auf Dauer hat PSU im Hinblick auf den finanziellen Aufwand einfach zu wenig zu bieten und stellt trotz gelungener Erweiterungen zweifelsohne den bisherigen Tiefpunkt der Serie dar.
Phantasy Star Universe does give players an avenue to kill a bunch of monsters with their friends when it isn’t tripping over its own feet. The combat provides simplistic thrills, and it’s always gratifying to equip a sweet new weapon. On the other hand, those few redeeming qualities are readily available in many other games that are well-executed and enjoyable. I suggest you look into those instead.
G4 TV: X-Play (Dec 06, 2006)
Besides that, the story itself is deeply uninteresting – it stars a loud-mouthed twit of a hero and a supporting cast brought to “life” by terrible English voice acting. Between that and a pair of awful vocal theme songs, it’s no fun to play and even worse to listen to.
GamingExcellence (Nov 28, 2006)
In the end, it's hard to see anything remotely good in Phantasy Star Universe for the simple reason that nothing has been improved in the six years since PSO. Worse still, PSU actually managed to take steps backwards (level design, story, online play, mission counters, equipment, mags, etc) and ruin the memory of the Phantasy Star legacy. Since the Dreamcast version, we've seen PSO ported to the Xbox and the Gamecube (for a fee as well) and I can't help but think that either of these versions ported to the PS2/360/PC would have been better than this. If there wasn't a monthly fee associated with PSU it may not leave as bad a taste in many gamers' mouth's (it's still a terrible game though), but in a time when almost every title is playable only (usually for free), PSU's anemic this online content is maddening.
Gaming Age (Mar 28, 2007)
Sometimes it's a good idea not to play it safe, because "more of the same" and "sticking to what works" only works when the playing field doesn't change so drastically. Sonic Team used to be cool, but their latest Phantasy Star offering comes off not only as a disappointment to fans, but newcomers such as myself as well. Unless you're a hardcore fan of the series or this sounds like it's right up your alley, Phantasy Star Universe isn't worth buying anytime soon. It's a bargain bin game, for what it's worth plus a monthly fee. Not to mention, you can garner a thorough experience out of it within a couple weeks as a rental.
GameSpy (Nov 16, 2006)
Phantasy Star Universe is a disappointment of near-epic proportions. Sega ripped out the very heart of PSO's legendary addictiveness, replacing it with a repetitive, tedious grind that shows no signs of ending. As a huge admirer of PSO, I can still find bits of enjoyment in PSU; however, this is not a good start to our long-term relationship, and just as I grew tired of the grind in Final Fantasy XI, so will I tire of it in Phantasy Star Universe.
40 (Nov 24, 2006)
Avec une histoire digne d'un roman de gare, un gameplay souffreteux et une absence totale de sensations, le titre de Sega loupe complètement le coche et récupère du coup le titre de "RPG du pauvre" sur la machine de Sony. De plus, le multi. ne se pose même pas comme l'élément réparateur puisqu'il dénote clairement d'un manque de profondeur. A croire que la magie s'en est allée, aspirée par un trou noir au fin fond de la galaxie.