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Worth Playing (Sep 27, 2004)
Overall, I really enjoyed this game. There are also guest appearances from characters from the previous tactical games, but I'll keep that a secret until you find them yourself. The dungeon can keep you occupied for ages, so there is really no end to the game, yet one thing to note is that there is no new game. I don't know if there are several endings, but do play it after you "finish," because there are secret maps to play even when you've finished your crusade. This is another fine job by Nippon Ichi, and I hope to see another title from them soon. Give this game a shot, especially if you were a fan of Disgaea.
90 (Feb 08, 2005)
Concentré d'innovation, de folie, et de ce petit truc impalpable qui fait naître des sentiments d'accomplissement et de passion, Phantom Brave parvient à dépasser les barrières d'une localisation qui aurait été miraculeuse il y a encore 6 mois, pour se placer devant nous vêtu du manteau envié d'un intérêt sans cesse attirant. Effectivement quelques défauts mineurs empêchent de titre de figurer au Panthéon du T-RPG, mais ils sont tellement du domaine du détail, que vous ne vous en apercevrez que peu lors d'une partie. Le RPG tactique fait une entrée fracassante, et nous rappelle amoureusement FFT.
90 (UK) (Oct 21, 2004)
In other words, it's brilliant - just as Disgaea was brilliant. We can only hope that this time around, a few more punters will recognise that fact and pick up the game, rather than having their eyes glaze over as they reach for the latest hip-hop star endorsed "gritty" crime simulator featuring drive-by shootings of mouthy hoes from chavved-up skateboards instead. What are the chances?
GotNext (Aug 04, 2004)
You might be able to squeeze in everything this game has to offer in under a hundred hours, but why would you want to? Experiences like this don't come around too often. With near limitless freedom in character customization and a fast-paced battle system that makes virtually every fight incredibly fun, it's far better to relax and enjoy it while it lasts.
Game Over Online (Sep 22, 2004)
When all is said and done, Phantom Brave is one of the deepest, most entertaining strategy games to come out in quite some time. Nippon Ichi keeps besting themselves with each new installment, which is definitely a good thing for us. While the graphics and overall complexity of this game may keep some people, if you’re a fan of strategy/tactics games, you’d be doing yourself a great injustice to skip this one.
IGN (Aug 31, 2004)
But with more than 100 hours of gameplay, plenty of customizable options, and a style and look that you're only going to find from one or two companies in the world, Phantom Brave is definitely worth the price of admission. Hiccups aside, it's a decidedly engrossing game that successfully completes a one-year American hat trick for Nippon Ichi that we can only hope will continue.
RPG Kingdom (Apr 27, 2005)
Ma conclusion sera que ce jeu est une pure merveille, se hissant à la hauteur de Disgaea et de La Pucelle. Je regrette tout de même une certain linéarité (scène cinématique, combat, île, scène cinématique,…) mais a par ce petit défaut c’est que du tout bon ! Des systèmes de combats géniaux qui laisseront une trace intarissable dans vos souvenirs de gamers, assurément !
Gamezine (Mar 09, 2005)
Bref, ce serait un gageure de vouloir être le plus exhaustif possible sur ce jeu, la meilleure façon de s’en faire une idée est d’y jouer. Attention cependant, de part son côté « prise de tête » certain, Phantom Brave n’est pas à conseiller à tous. Si vous souhaitez découvrir le genre du tactical-rpg, mieux vaut passer votre chemin et commencer avec quelque chose de plus simple, comme Ffta par exemple, par contre si vous êtes amateur le gameplay à deux vitesses propre au genre (enchaîner les missions pour finir rapidement le jeu, ou au contraire farfouiller dans les moindres recoins pour posséder une équipe de rêve) vous fera passer au minimum une cinquantaine d’heures de jouissance.
PGNx Media (Sep 20, 2004)
When it is all said and done, Phantom Brave is a very solid tactical RPG. The game’s gameplay mechanics will surely please fans of the genre and particularly fans of Nippon Ichi but may frustrate newer players. If you haven’t played a tactical RPG before, you’re better off starting off with Nippon Ichi’s earlier games and then move on to this one.
RPGFan (Mar 08, 2005)
PB is something of an anomaly. On one hand the game is lovingly crafted with a superb amount of customization and options available. On the other hand, the insurmountable quantity of tasks that can be performed are so incredibly daunting that the number of people who would actually enjoy the game is very limited. I would say that I didn't truly start to enjoy it until about my twentieth hour in (when I finally figured out titles and fusion), which is a very substantial time investment, far more so than most would perhaps allow. Basically, if you know what you are getting in to, PB can be a wonderful game if you are into heavily strategic RPGs. The amount of replay possible is immense, and I found myself wanting to play the game much more at the end than I ever did at the beginning, which is truly a first for me. PB definitely contains some heavy bang for your buck, but keep in mind that you will be investing a good amount of time to compensate.
GameSpy (Aug 30, 2004)
Phantom Brave is far too hardcore to serve as an introduction to the genre, but fans of the genre are in for a treat once they accustom themselves to the game's mind-bendingly unique and tactical paradigms.
Bordersdown (Sep, 2004)
It isn’t a game for the TRPG newbie, if anything it would put people off playing the genre ever again. At times the difficulty has been set at an over the top level and it can annoy. It frustrates and pleases in equal measure. It is a game for the TRPG hardcore; those who’ll enjoy spending hours playing the same maps or random dungeons over and over to level up in order to progress through the story, or who spend days working out the best combination of stat modifiers to make finishing off the mission puzzles that little bit easier. If you are so minded, Phantom Brave will not disappoint you.
80 (Dec 07, 2004)
Phantom Brave is just short of being a masterpiece. The innovative battle system and nicely implemented terrain and weather settings make it entertaining and keep the battles feeling new and worthwhile. The character and item management is ultimately its only major fault…it is just TOO elaborate! Despite that, this is a nice RPG which any tactical buff is encouraged to pick up.
Gaming Target (Sep 29, 2004)
It's no La Pucelle, but odds are fans of Nippon Ichi's strategy games have already made up their minds on Phantom Brave. As much as they built off of their past, I give credit to Nippon Ichi for trying something new. And Phantom Brave is something new. It's a good first try in a new style of strategy RPG, but the flaws kept it from hooking me like La Pucelle: Tactics did.
UOL Jogos (Sep 30, 2004)
"Phantom Brave", como os demais jogos da série, continua sendo um game para um público mais experiente. O charme da Nippon Ichi também permanece inalterado, apesar da atmosfera mais sombria. Fãs de RPGs de estratégia tem motivo de sobra para comemorar o lançamento de mais uma obra-prima de empresa em tão pouco tempo.
Game Chronicles (Oct 22, 2004)
There's nothing wrong with this title, and yet so much of it could have been better. It's great to have another deep, challenging, delightful tactical RPG to play through, but I can't help but be frustrated when I think about the game it could be - what all of Nippon Ichi's games could be - if they were just a bit more polished. If you're a fan, don't miss out on this game. If you aren't, don't bother. And if you're not sure, by all means go out and pick up Disgaea: Hour of Darkness or La Pucelle, both of which are much more suited to tactics newcomers. Whatever its failings, gamers should support a company that consistently does the important things right and makes some damn good games.
GameSpot (Aug 27, 2004)
There's a lot of creativity in Phantom Brave, and the audience for whom it's intended will enjoy it for the most part. You could easily end up spending lots and lots of time digging into this game's complex mechanics, character classes and systems, and building up a pack of fighters who started out dealing a few dozen points of damage per attack, but eventually can crush their enemies for tens of thousands of points. That may not sound terribly exciting in theory, but in practice, it can hook you pretty easily and for many hours, especially if you haven't already had your fill of Disgaea and La Pucelle.
Diehard GameFan (Sep 06, 2004)
Sorry to say, but Nippon Ichi is not taking GOTY honours two years in a row. There are better RPG’s out there right now (Pokemon Coliseum, Dark Alliance 2) and even better tactical RPG’s (Shining Force GBA). Phantom Brave will always be in the shadow of Disgaea which is a shame because it is a very good game with a highly original engine and system of gameplay. Phantom Brave is worth owning and experiencing for a taste of how creative a game can still be. But if you’re looking for the next Disgaea, you won’t find it here. But then, it was never meant to be as such. Love Phantom Brave as the start of a new genre, not as a sequel to one in another.
GamePlasma (Nov 10, 2004)
In truth, Phantom Brave is pretty much like any other strategy-RPG out there. It has creativity, and a complex class and battle system. But some of its new innovations don't really help the game, like the gridless maps. Sure it makes the environments look better, but it does little to help gameplay, and gives it less of a feel as a strategy game. The lack of a grid might seem like a great innovation, until you realize that it can be a pain for targeting enemies and moving around the environment. Those who take Phantom Brave for what it is, and go through the game thoroughly instead of rushing, should not be disappointed. Despite some of these negative things said about Phantom Brave, any anime or RPG fan should definitely look into Phantom Brave, you will get many hours of solid gameplay and story, that is, if you haven't been worn down by the previous two games.
Legendra (Oct 16, 2006)
Phantom Brave est une réussite, car tout en restant dans la ligné des productions de Nippon Ichi Sotware, il se différencie suffisamment de ceux ci pour être une expérience rafraîchissent et agréable. Ainsi, On appréciera le gameplay exceptionnel, qui est à la fois innovant et intéressant à jouer. La bande-son très réussie qui colle parfaitement à l'univers coloré du jeu. Malheureusement, on regrettera le scénario trop simpliste et les graphismes bien médiocres. Si vous êtes fan des RPG de Nippon Ichi Software ou que vous êtes à la recherche d'un gameplay recherché et que vous adorez vous torturer les méninges (ou le leveling), ce jeu est fait pour vous.
GameDaily (Sep 09, 2004)
All in all, Phantom Brave is a very good Strategy RPG. Fans of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, and La Pucelle Tactics will have a field day with Phantom Brave. If you haven't played either of those two titles, now is a great time to get into the Nippon Ichi craze with Phantom Brave. As long as you can get past the leveling up issue, along with the dated graphics and sub par voicework, Phantom Brave is a stellar RPG. The customization and in-depth battle system really make you think sometimes, and give you many options while in battle. Is it the best PS2 RPG of the year? Probably not, but it's still a very solid entry into the SRPG genre.