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Portal Runner Credits (PlayStation 2)

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Portal Runner Credits


DirectorJohn Salera
Technical DirectorRussell Shiffer
Creative Director Trip Hawkins
Art DirectorYu-Fen S. Croddy
Executive ProducerMichael Mendheim
ProductionTimothy Spengler, Christopher Williams
Lead ProgrammersBill Fowler, Olivier Lhermite
ProgrammersIan Barkley-Yeung, Isaac Bender, Lex Chesler, Travis Johnston, Yung Kao, Kimberly Power, Jaroslaw Predki, Shawn Rogers, Bob Smith
Additional ProgrammingTod Frye, Cary Tetrick
Lead ArtistsPaul Forest, Daniela Tomicic
ArtistsMarc Apablaza, Tomiwa Ajayi-Dopemu
Additional ArtLouise Bell, Mitch Boyer, Dalma Bolech, Lance Charnes, Inna Cherneykina, Olga Chudnovsky, Peter Davis, David Devries, Michael Drake, Tony Gascon, Michael Groark, Dragon Light, Michael McLaughlin, Christopher Opdahl, Isaac B. Owens, Jos Stam, Nina Stanley
Lead DesignerMichael S. Maza
DesignKacper Centkowski, William G. Dunn, Alfred Dutton, Heather Gunn, Cole Harris, Mike Lin, Max Austin Loeb, Todd Manning, Paul Mathus, Charles Pinady, Nick Sinkewicz, Steven Szakal Jr.
AudioJohn Baker, Barry Blum, Lance Page
MoviesFour Elements, Glyphix
MusicRon Fish, Robyn Mendheim, Brian Min, Brian Withycombe
VoiceJim Cummings, Susan Blu, Nika Futterman
TestersTomas Allen, Geoffrey Burns, Richard Cummings, Ryan Ellison, Adam Hicklin, David Lake, Brian Lee, Erick Lenfers, Edmund Shin, Sabrina Watts
Special ThanksAdrienne Gorman, Caryn Usher
“Always” Performed byHalfcocked
"Always" Written byJohnny Rock, Jamie Richter, Sarah Reitkopp, Charlee Johnsson, Jennifer Kobran

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Credits for this game were contributed by Paul Gunn (24)