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Pro Evolution Soccer: Management Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The UK animated introduction follows the language selection screen (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish are the choices), the 50Hz/60Hz screen, and a save screen
The title screen
The Main Menu showing the Game Configuration options sub menu
Season mode. This begins with registration and creating the manager's face. All manager's are male in this game. There are over forty settings that can be tweaked
This is our agent. He can explain how clubs make offers and how this affects the game.
As the game progresses coaches, scouts, and our assistant also offer advice and instruction
One of the screens of advice/instruction offered by our agent. This shows that top clubs have more resources but expect much more
This is an offer from a mid table club in the English League. Their expectations aren't too high and they have a reasonably strong squad
The West London Whites looks like it's an alternate name for Fulham FC based on the players in the squad
The player must choose an assistant. Initially there are four on offer, all young, smart and female
After selecting an assistant the player must select three scouts. Higher paid scouts negotiate better deals, do it quicker, and spot talented players
The player registration process ends with a press briefing when a new management team is in place
Here our assistant, Emilia, is explaining how the finances work. The player gets a lump sum at the start of the year and all revenue generated goes into club finances for next season
The scouts deliver information on potential new players in screens like this.
Here's our assistant hard at work.
Some players contracts are up for renewal so it's time to negotiate
At the start of this season there are six players whose contracts are up for renewal, this is one of them. This chap wants a 100k increase so we initially make a low offer
from this screen the player can advance time and keep an eye on the news that's happening in the footballing world. Each news item can be examined in greater depth
Here a coach is explaining how opponent research can be used to adjust training in advance of the next match
There's a pre-season match against Aquitaine. Here we're being given a summary of the way they approach the game. This is followed by game planning and training screens
Game planning. The manager can set overall Team tactics, Group tactics, Position tactics, and these individual player tactics
Here the manager is configuring the training in advance of an upcoming match
The day of the match. This is where the manager makes final adjustments based on the coaching advice and results from the training ground
The game begins. This is the default camera angle, others are available
L1 speeds up the rate at which game time passes
L2 toggles the player information panels.
Even with the default camera angle there are occasional close ups such as here where a player's been fouled
At half time, and again at the end of the match, there's a rerun of match highlights
Here the camera angle has been changed to 'Broadcast' mode. The view now includes some crowd sections
The opposition is making a substitution
The opposition has scored. This results in a series of replays from different angles
At the end of the match the player can look at the match statistics, L1/R1 scroll through the various screens on offer
This is the coach's post match report
Post match the performance of individual players can be reviewed
This does seem a little harsh on the poor goalkeeper though
This is the post match replay screen. It's a tactical view showing player position and movement at key points in the game
The manager's day to day menu where they can review and advance the calendar, request meetings, plan training, check on news, buy in-game items etc
The in-game shop where players can spend points accrued in the game
Oddly a new Italian player costs 300 points while a new outfit for our PA costs 1500!
Match mode
This is the team selection screen. L1/R1 scrolls through the four screens of team badges
Match Mode
Configuring the game. Here the home team have been assigned good morale and motivation while the away team have been assigned low values
Match Mode
In addition to the game environment settings the tactics for each team can be tweaked. The screens for this are the same as are used in the main game
Match mode
The players line up ready to take to the field. This is optional but it's well done
Match Mode
The players pose for a team photo before the game. They're well modeled and one guy even has missing teeth!
Tristan was playing for Deportivo La Coruna around 2006 and the player likeness, while not perfect, is pretty good.
Match mode
The mid game pause menu
This is the User' camera angle with the player stats panels suppressed. It creates an experience that's closer to a TV match
This shows the game from the 'Tactical Overhead' viewpoint
A player has been given offside and the replay proves it was a good decision
The Edit mode allows the player to customise players, teams, managers, strips leagues and cups