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ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007 Credits

Thanks to

Golfing TalentSergio Garcia Gil, Colin Montgomerie, Justin Rose, Ben Curtis, Ian Woosnam, Thomas Bjørn, Mark O'Meara, Zhang Lian-Wei
Audio CommentarySam Torrance, Ian Baker-Finch, Alan Green

Oxygen Interactive

CEOJim Scott
Publishing DirectorKevin Hassall
Finance DirectorMatt Bass
External ProducerDavid Wiltshire
ProductionNadja Kireta, Henry Allen
Head of MarketingDavid Young
Product ManagerPhilippa Carroll
Art & DesignGez Purcell
With Special Thanks toRachel Bichener, Bob Bryant, Michaela Cahillane, Steve Hadley, Sarah Hartland, Dom Lack, Marc Roberts, Spencer Scott
Extra Special Thanks toSteve, Katy, Lynette, and all at Imagewizard, Vicky , Nick, Dan, Simon, and all at IMG, Sandra and all at Sony DADC, James, Jim, and all at SCEE, Simon at Johnny Atom, Harry at, Mark and the team at The London Golf Show, Alex and the team at The Scottish Open, Pandora and all at Golf Punk, Gary at Harrod Design, Simon Walker Videos, Sam at Imagecleaver, Jim at Farmhaus, Dan and Jim at Gorillavision, Jay and David at Gorillascope, Michael Myers, and the team at MMPR, Iris and Suzanne at Argentur Schafer, Klemens, Ute, Georg, at Koch Media, Melanie, MK and Leah at South Peak, Terry, Chip, Debbie, and all at Phillip Sales, Phyllis and Mitch at Tangible, Malcolm and Nichola at Red Ant

Gusto Games

Managing Director Simon Phillips
Development DirectorSteven Archer
Technical Director Andrew Hersee
Directors Giles Park, Rod Mack, Geoff Brown
Associate Producer Struan Robertson
Development Team Steve Hughes, Gavin Cooper, Ravin Tharanee, James Roadley-Battin, Iain McLeod, Juan Gill, Xavier Wasmuth, Jeb Mayers, Roger Wade, Mark Milton, Simon Jeffries, Simon Anthony, Mathew Twigg (yes Mathew with one t there), Roger Womack, Richard Kettlewell, David Kivlin, Rodney Quaye, George Harris
Manual AuthorDavid Albon
QA SupervisorMarco Vernetti
QAMark Povey, Daniel Leese, Richard Stevens, Matt Lowe, Peter Henshaw
Administration Niki Rodhouse
Highscore Productions Jeremy Paul Carroll, Hugh Edwards
OMUKMark Estdale, Dean Gregory, Jeremy Taylor, Trevor B
Special Thanks toTim O'Connell, Mark James, Dene Landucci, Simon Hodgkiss, Pete Aunins, Adam Gibbons, Mairin Hennebry, Martin T. Sherman, Sarah Pursey, PMTC, Arnaud Messager, Pablo Trenado, Andreas Gschwari, Laure M. Diet, Steven Blackburn, Paul Vallance

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (231221)