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70 (Sep 11, 2006)
Les joueurs occasionnels ne verront sans doute pas l'intérêt de lâcher la série Tiger Woods PGA Tour au profit de ProStroke Golf, il n' n'en ira pas forcément de même des passionnés qui trouveront ici une véritable simulation et un gameplay plus complet et profond. Il est pourtant difficile de pardonner la mauvaise finition du jeu, en particulier quand elle vient parasiter le gameplay, le manque de précision des commandes gâchant en bonne partie la gestion du swing. Gageons qu'une éventuelle suite pourrait amener le titre à maturité.
70 (Aug 23, 2006)
After spending a good number of hours with Gusto Games' great new control system I couldn't shake the thought that I wanted to play EA's Tiger Woods series with this control scheme. What ProStroke delivers is the most in-depth control system I can imagine working on a standard console controller, but the game that's built around it simply isn't exciting enough to sway Tiger fans over to a new series. Just like the real Tiger Woods, a lot of work has gone on behind the scenes, but while Tiger can step out looking and playing the part, ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007 isn't ready to win a major; it could well be rookie of the year.
Anyway, we've warned you enough - this isn't a game for golfing softies (like us), or for people who like to play golf as cartoon dragons, but for those amongst you seeking a title that can relay the subtleties involved in swinging a golf club better than most games before it. It's ultra-realistic, and terribly serious. But so long as you know what you're letting yourself in for, and can invest the effort required, it should keep you glued for some time.
70 (UK) (Sep 12, 2006)
If you're more interested in speed golf, bashing the ball through hoops in the air and competing for "trophy balls", and you're happy with the way Tiger works, you needn't take much notice of ProStroke Golf, but if you're tired of jumping through those same hoops every year and haven't been very impressed with EA's recent "refinements", then this might prove to be a better, less gaudy option. It takes golf seriously, and it makes a nice difference. Just don't expect to be teeing off on the moon or anything.
IGN (Nov 09, 2006)
ProStroke Golf is a game for golfers, thanks to the innovative control scheme and camera angle. But the controls aren't enough to separate it from the rest of the passable golf games on the market, and the mediocre visuals and presentation don't help ProStroke's cause very much. However, the gameplay is solid and fun and realistic, and a clear departure from the direction of Hot Shots and Tiger Woods PGA Tour. At only $29.99, ProStroke is a decent purchase for golf gamers looking for more of challenge than Tiger, only without the roster of pros and amazing courses.
Krawall Gaming Network (Sep 12, 2006)
Wenn wir die ungewöhnliche Steuerung mal außen vor lassen, ist „Pro Stroke Golf“ ein reichlich durchschnittlicher Genre-Vertreter. Grafik und Sound sind bestenfalls unteres Mittelmaß, die Spielmodi entsprechen den üblichen Genrestandards. Bleibt als Besonderheit die Steuerung, die wirklich clever gelöst ist. Einsteiger können einfach draufholzen und steuern den Schlag doch direkter als mit der Konkurrenz. Und Profis können von der Fußstellung über Schlägerausrichtung bis zur Gewichtsverlagerung so ziemlich alles kontrollieren, was sich auf den Flug des Balls auswirkt. Deshalb lautet unsere Empfehlung auch: Golfspiel-Fans sollten probespielen, der Rest der Zockergemeinde braucht „Pro Stroke Golf: World Tour 2007“ nicht wirklich.
Game Captain (Oct 06, 2006)
Alle diejenigen unter euch, die Tiger Woods mögen, brauchen dieses Spiel nicht in den eigenen vier Wänden. Denn außer der gut durchdachten Steuerung, welche für Einsteiger einfach zu erlernen und für Profis gut perfektionierbar ist, sowie der Ballphysik kann ProStroke Golf nicht punkten. Schlechte Grafik und müder Sound machen keine Lust auf dauerhaftes Spielvergnügen. Doch für ein schnelles Spielchen Golf unter Freunden ist es ganz ok (wenn auch nicht sonderlich umfangreich, weil man nur ein kleines Turnier gegeneinander spielen kann).
Pro Stroke Golf - World Tour 2007 ist sicherlich ein empfehlenswertes Spiel für alle wahren Golf-Fans. Auch wenn das Abschlagsystem sich nur in der Vorgehensweise wirklich vom Konkurrenten Tiger Woods unterscheidet. Nach einer Weile fühlt es sich eigentlich fast genauso an, bloss dass die Einstellungen anders vorgenommen werden. Der Umfang ist hingegen geringer und auch die Personalisierungsmöglichkeiten sind deutlich kleiner als bei Tiger Woods. Trotzdem kann das Spiel jedem Golf-Fan ans Herz gelegt werden. Gerade bei dem niedrigen Preis von knapp 35 Euro könnt ihr durchaus einen Blick riskieren. Wer Golf nur gelegentlich mal an der Konsole zocken und dazu das beste Golfspiel haben möchte, der sollte lieber zu Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 greifen.
Thunderbolt Games (Dec 03, 2006)
There’s really not much more to say about Pro Stroke Golf. It’s a basic golf simulation that’s fundamentally sound. Ultimately, I think your purchasing decision should come down to if you like golf or not. I’m not an avid golfer, so I didn’t get much out of it, but if you really like golf, you might enjoy the very robust course creator. Me, I wasn’t all that particularly impressed. There aren’t any professional golfers to emulate, so I couldn’t pick a professional that I knew. Still, at times, it can be really exciting getting a birdie or an eagle on a late hole in the match, sealing the deal for a win. If you like golf, I think you should buy this, but keep in mind, it might not have all the features you’re looking for.
Lawrence (Oct 16, 2006)
Perhaps the game's biggest problem is in terms of graphics. They're bad. Really, really bad. The terrain in particular is simplistic and bland. Several of the obstacles feature some of the worst pixelization I have seen in years. Even the golfers themselves look below average, with animation so stiff it's almost painful to watch. It doesn't seem like it would be that hard to recreate a realistic golf swing, but ProStroke proves otherwise. Other problems include the dull looking courses, the problematic camera, and the lack of color variety. In short, the game looks awful.
Video Game Talk (Oct 17, 2006)
In the end ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007 just isn't a compelling game to play. The swinging mechanic may be realistic but in many ways that feature was achieved to a fault. It's not entirely user friendly and only the most diehard of diehard really need to apply. Casual golf gamers should stick with the more mainstream titles but you're looking for an authentic experience you may want to consider picking this one up.
GameSpot (Sep 19, 2006)
ProStroke Golf's action on the course is just good enough to be entertaining for a short while, but it's impossible to look past its many problems for very long. Embarrassing visuals, horrible commentary, pitiful create-a-character options, and dreadfully slow gameplay are just a few of the game's many shortcomings. Having 2007 in the title indicates that Gusto Games has at least considered a follow-up effort, but they've got a lot of work ahead of them before this series can be mentioned alongside Tiger Woods, Links, and Hot Shots.
Make no mistakes about it; Pro Stroke Golf: World Tour 2007 is a bad effort by unknown developer Gusto Games. When you first put it in, you are immediately assaulted by offensively-bad graphics and a career mode that lacks substance. Top it off with a control scheme that’s too complicated to be anywhere near fun and you have the worst golf title of the year. Players would do well to wait for Tiger, he’s making his yearly appearance soon enough.
Operation Sports (Oct 26, 2006)
I give ProStroke Golf – World Tour 2007 points for innovation. You know me; I’m a sucker for trying new things in sports gaming. But, the new controls do not come close to making up for what is essentially a poorly-made game. I think the franchise has a chance if they spend some time working on the rest of the game this year and just fine-tune the controls. But, I can’t in good conscience recommend this game for purchase unless you really want an alternative to EA's Tiger Woods series. The controls are certainly worth a try, but even at the low price point, it’s just not enough.