Ratchet & Clank Credits


CEOTed Price
Technical DirectorAlexander Hastings
Lead ProgrammerBrian Hastings
Art DirectorJohn Fiorito
Animation DirectorOliver Wade
Lead Character Design David Guertin
ProgrammerTerence Bordelon, Gavin Dodd, Peter Hastings, James Justin, Jason Skiles, Timon Trzepacz
Programmer/IT ManagerJared Hardy
Lead Environment ArtistCraig Stitt
Senior ArtistChad Dezern, Lloyd Murphy
Character ModelerDan Johnson
AnimatorChuck Suong, David Hancock, Ji Ahn, Moses L. Hood, Ryan Denniston
Character ArtistGregory Baldwin
Animator/ToolsJohn Lally
ArtistCraig Goodman, Michael Yazijian, Jacob Koottarappallil, John Wu, Tom Barlow, Rolf Mohr
SoundJackie Evanochick, Mark Reis
QA DirectorCarl Grande
QAAnthony Garcia, Michael Stout
Office ManagerStephanie Duke
Lead DesignerBrian Allgeier
DesignerLesley Mathieson, Colin Munson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jacob Koottarappallil (23)