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PlayStation 2 version

Main Menu
Always watch for the ammo count, you wouldn't wanna run out of it while in the middle of a fight.
Although it may seem as if I shoot at nothing, there's a defense turret mounted on the ceiling.
Unprecise at very best, weapons like this have few different rates of fire.
Cutscens and cinematics are all made using ingame graphic.
There are more than just one type of a sniper rifle.
Running to help your own comrades... but might seem to be too late.
From time to time, you'll be contacted by rebels and'll be given some mission to execute.
And then, there are some rifles that enables you both watching as well as shooting through obstacles.
Watching one of your fellows through a deadly aim.
Using silencer may be cruical in some missions, and sheer pleasure in other.
Ready to test the flamethrower.
Not many are scenes where you get to interact with a NPC.
Sometimes you may wonder how Parker can even carry a big cannon like this along with all the other weapons.
Selecting your character for the multiplayer skirmish.
In multiplayer you can play against AI opponents or some of your friends.