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Written by  :  Sycada (191)
Written on  :  Sep 04, 2001
Platform  :  PlayStation 2

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The best Resident Evil to date gets a solid conversion.

The Good

Although Code Veronica has been available on the Dreamcast for over a year now, most gamers will be treating it as a new title because few have played the original. Conversion wise the game looks almost identical to its Dreamcast counterpart which, seeing as it looked so damn good then, means that it's still pretty good now. The gameplay is pure Resident Evil through and through which means you'll either love it or hate it by now. Code Veronicas biggest strength over the others is that everything is entirely in 3D which means cameras are no longer fixed. They can track you around corners and down corridors for added tension. The game is the biggest RE yet and takes over 10 hours to finish. Audio is fantastic. You'll want a beefy stereo rig for this one so you can appreciate the awesome music and eerie effects.

The Bad

The controls are still a bit iffy but if you're used to them by now then there's no reason to be put off. The biggest disappointment will come for Dreamcast veterans hoping for some new material in this game. The new material consists of 3 new cutscenes involving Wesker which add to his own development and to some loose ends left in the original version of CV. While they are good, they don't serve as enough to warrant a purchase if you already have the DC game and in some ways, the game flows a little more awkwardly with them than without. The game itself contains no new sections and is the same one us converts played over a year ago. The other changes are so minor they are not worth mentioning but I'd like to know why they bothered to make Steves haircut look different? He looks even sillier now.

The Bottom Line

Code Veronica X is a fantastic game and one no survival horror fan should be without. Except perhaps for players who already have Code Veronica on Dreamcast, the new material is simply not enough to warrant a purchase of this aswell.