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Resident Evil: Code: Veronica X Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Main Menu (BATTLE GAME option appears after completing the game once)
Main title
The intro opens swiftly showing you (Claire Redfield, who we know from RE2) being chased by Umbrella military.
Our heroine, surprised by a determination to eliminate her.
The moment before this heavy mounted machine gun starts to rumble.
Looks like a no-way-out situation
Ingame options screen.
When you finish the game once, an extra Battle Game mode opens which lets you play in either 3rd and 1st person perspective.
Wesker character opens for Battle Game when/if you first complete it as Chris.
Claire and Steve are about to run off this island before it splits apart.
Checking character's stats and inventory. With Steve you can only play in Battle Game mode if you've previously obtained golden luger in your chest.
You start the game with nothing but a lighter. Not even with something to help this poor fella.
Room with a chest... and time to stock up with some ammo and healing herbs.
Taking off in a cargo plane, with one of the boss monsters hitching a ride
Close-up on Steve
Alexia is on fire and ready to fight
Claire using machine gun against giant insects that respawn each time you enter this room. It may be wiser to just run pass them and save the ammo, though.
The other half of the game, you get to play as Chris, Claire's long lost brother who she set to find back in Resident Evil 2 game for those who played it.
Brrr, it's freezing here. Who turned on the power on the fridge?
Aha, a secret passage. Well, since I've nothing better to do than exploring dark and risky areas...
A boss battle where the main goal is to stay the heck away from the boss. What needs be done here is what can be taken from this pool.
By the look of Claire's facial expression, I'd say she saw someone who she most definitely considered she already killed.
Using crossbow against zombies and monsters is quite ineffective unless you have serious number of arrows in your back pack.
Emptying round on giant spiders.
When you're wounded or poisoned, you'll notice that immediately from your character's movements. That is almost always a signal for cure.
The only room you can be certain has no monster is the one with a typewriter in it.
Seems like shooting effect is not too synchronized with the position of a shotgun ;)
Bare in mind that pistol is a very weak weapon, especially against group of foes.
If they don't have Xena on it, I'm not interested.
Alfred, a very egocentric member of the aristocratic Ashford family and one of our main opponents
I think we better get out of here while we still can
Escaping in a harrier
Claire Redfield with her brother, Chris Redfield