Rise to Honor Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
Main menu
Introducing chapters serve as tutorial for gameplay commands.
Kit Yun, an undercover cop with a mission
This biker is going down.
Running from a crazy guy with machine gun.
Trying to escape the chopper, and camera isn't much helpful on purpose, just to test your reflexes.
Chapter selection
Bad guys always seem to come in packs, and in this game there's sometimes more than one can handle.
That crash was escaped by an inch.
Local gangs don't fight fair, thus could be harder to deal with on occasion.
These bikers are determined to run you down.
Running to help Michelle.
Bigger enemies are usually much tougher, but you can perform more deadlier moves on them.
When on a high ground, you can sometimes grab the enemy and throw him down.
Using a cable to reach the other building.
When in shoot-out, you can use various objects as cover.
In every shooting scenario you have unlimited bullets so don't let go of your shooting button until it's over.
There are lots of breakable items in the hospital, including those guys ahead.
Exiting the elevator armed and ready.
Certain machine-gun positions are impenetrable and you'll constantly have to rely on cover to reach them.
There won't be much left after Kit's done with this art gallery.
Kit and Michelle have something in common with the bad guys: vengeance.