Rocky: Legends Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

The game starts with the usual company logos. This is followed by a video montage which mixes scenes from the Rocky films with game action
The title screen
This is followed by a couple of screens showing music credits before the main menu appears
The main menu
Scenes from the films play behind the text
Each boxer has a biography
There are forty-five boxers in all, most of which have to be unlocked
At the start of the game these are the only opponents available
There are trailers for the Rocky films to be unlocked.
While on this screen snippets of them play in tiny windows on the left
Each boxer has their own piece of music, they can be played via the game's jukebox
The Shop
here prize money can be used to unlock new fighters, venues and bonus items
There are eight controller configurations to choose from
In a Practice Match the player can fight as one of two fighters and choose any of three opponents
A Practice Match. The opponent has three modes of response, they can stand there and be hit or they can react in a defensive or attacking manner
The in-fight pause menu shown here in a Practice Match
here the boxer can be changed and they can be made to stand and be hit, defend, or attack
The training games are actually mini games in their own right
They all have three levels of difficulty and pre-game instructions
The training games are actually mini games in their own right and, apart from the locked game(s) can be played in any order
These are the instructions for Chin-Ups
The Chin-Ups training game
The player presses X and O repeatedly until the red line in the left hand power bar gets just above the upper line, then SQUARE when it falls below the lower line
The Heavy Bag training game
The player must throw the combination punches shown in the box while standing in the highlighted area
Playing in Career Mode
First the player names their boxer, then they select the difficulty. Finally they choose to follow the career path of Rocky, Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang or Drago
Playing in Career Mode and following Drago's career path.
There's a short animated introduction showing Private Ivan Drago arrive at a remote facility to face his first opponent
Career Mode and Drago's first fight in a remote barracks
The nearside ropes always disappear to give the player a good view of the action
Career Mode and Drago's first fight in a remote barracks
At the end of the round the game replays the highlights and uses blurred motion to enhance the cinematic effect.
Career Mode fighting as Drago in a remote barracks The scores at the end of round 1. While this is shown the fighter is receiving treatment and advice from his trainer
Career Mode fighting as Drago in his first fight. The opponent's down and this time he won't make the count
Career Mode fighting as Drago and he's just won his first fight
Career Mode fighting as Drago. This is the prize money from the first fight
Career Mode fighting as Drago. These are the stats from the first fight
Career Mode. Drago has won his first fight and now features on the Championship Ladder. There are three more fights planned
Career Mode. After winning his first fight Drago must train for the next. Compare allows the player to see the strengths of their next opponent
An Exhibition Match
This is the replay at the end of the round. The player can press CIRCLE to save these so they can re-live their triumph
Here the player's boxer has been knocked down and is being counted out. The player must press X repeatedly to get him back on his feet