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Rule of Rose Reviews (PlayStation 2)

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Scary movies, scary kids, and scary bad combat Unicorn Lynx (181677) 3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars

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AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed
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Overall User Score (13 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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Softpedia (Dec 20, 2006)
If you need a reason to stay up at night, other than homework, Rule of Rose is the perfect thing for you. Take the deep sensation of fear from Silent Hill, the alert gameplay of Resident Evil and maybe the useful dog of Forbidden Siren 2, put them all in a blender and you'll get a cocktail called success. I was afraid that 2006 would end without a decent new horror game. Punchline had the guts to try something new and created a universe not for the faint-hearted.
Nuts (Nov 03, 2006)
Help Jennifer escape from a gang of terrorising schoolgirls in the spine-chillingly creepy survival game set in '30s England.
Gameplay RPG (Mar, 2006)
Si les combats ne venaient pas ternir le tableau, Rule of Rose serait probablement le meilleur Survival-Horror de la fin de vie de la PS2. Il reste tout de même un très bon soft. Le jeune en manque de frayeur ferait bien de se jeter dessus.
Quebec Gamers (Jan 31, 2011)
Rule of Rose est un des jeux d'horreur que j'ai le plus apprécié, mais je dois lui mettre une note finale plus basse que d'autres jeux du genre pour une seule raison; C'est que dans mon cas, et celui de plusieurs autres joueurs j'en suis sur, cette appréciation viens du fait qu'ils ont lu sur le jeu via Internet, et ils ont réalisé de cette façon comment il a été bien pensé et combien troublant il peut être. Le jeu lui-même, par son gameplay passif et ennuyant, justifie mal l'envie d'y rejouer pour tenter de découvrir tous ces détails nous même... Chose que généralement, avec un gameplay meilleur, j'aurais fait!
Game Freaks 365 (Sep 12, 2006)
It’s clear that this game came from Japan, but that also increases our interest level in a lot of things. The way that American game development is trending, Rule of Rose is a refreshing break from the constant ports, remakes and yearly iterations of the tried and tired franchises that we are all familiar with. If you want to look to a unique experience on the PlayStation 2, look no further than Rule of Rose from Atlus. It can be frustrating, it can be difficult and there is no reward with combat, but the storyline is compelling. I will suggest a rental for Rule of Rose, as you probably will not play this twice through.
70 (Nov 28, 2006)
Reprenant des idées d'Haunting Ground, de Resident Evil et de Silent Hill, Rule Of Rose semble n'être qu'un parent pauvre sortant dans l'ombre de ses modèles. Pourtant, outre son manque d'originalité et sa jouabilité imparfaite, le jeu de Punchline crée l'envie, nous poussant à assister aux pires atrocités pour connaître le fin mot de l'histoire. Tout ceci vous demandera du courage mais si vous désirez sortir du rêve, vous devrez serrer les poings et oser regarder ce qui vient d'émerger des ténèbres.
PSX Extreme (Oct 24, 2006)
With sub-par control, a story that could be great but gets lost in a sea of loose ends, and very uninspired, tedious, and infrequent combat, Rule of Rose falls well shy of the intended mark. However, if you are somebody who really appreciates a top-notch concept - despite its failings - than you might want to give it a shot. You'll just really have to appreciate such things as the artistry, amazing CG, good dialogue, and fantastic atmosphere, because the gameplay itself is just too damn boring to recommend. The game gets points for originality and setting, though. And we don't see this anywhere near enough, so we can at least finish this review on a high note.
Just Adventure (Sep 12, 2006)
Now what is it that you are mainly looking for when playing a survival horror game? Is it decapitating monsters, zombies, telemarketers? If so, then RoR will disappoint. Actually, due to its limited fighting, this survival horror game could be considered ideal for adventure gamers, but unfortunately it also lacks in puzzles, which are almost non-existent, other than Brown sniffing out stuff. The girl-dog idea is indeed an excellent idea, but in this case the scales were tipped heavily towards using the dog’s nose, which made the game very unbalanced. But if what you’re after is a good twisted mystery and a game that will creep you out, in deeper ways and beyond “boo, I jumped out of the closet”, then you should consider checking-out RoR. See it from the point of view of the story and you will certainly be rewarded.
GameSpy (Sep 12, 2006)
Rule of Rose presents a nightmarish environment that reflects the innocent horror we fear could be lurking in the minds of children; where concepts such as cruelty, suffering, death, love, and basic right and wrong are muddled, misunderstood, or ignored. It's disturbing, provocative stuff that's worth exploring (it's not even especially distasteful, despite the sensitive subject matter). If you can accept that nearly all the engaging moments come from non-interactive movies, and much of what the player is allowed to take part in is more frustrating than terrifying or exciting, it could also be worth playing.
UOL Jogos (Oct 19, 2006)
"Rule of Rose" intriga o jogador pelo enredo e é praticamente a única motivação para avançar no game, pois a exploração e os combates são muito monótonos. Ou seja, tudo depende se você é fisgado por esse conto infantil macabro e as cenas não-interativas, pois não há muito que ver no restante do título.
Video Game Talk (Sep 17, 2006)
If you're looking for a new survival horror game to sink your teeth into then Rule of Rose should be on your radar. The storybook presentation and ultra bizarre tale repulse and appeal all at the same time. It's twisted from start to finish and you'll be drawn in more and more with each cut scene. The only problem is in between the game plays out in mediocre fashion. Combat is the lowest point with fetch quests coming in a close second. This is a fine package that could have been much more solid had a little more care went into a few elements. Horror fans can easily get buy with a rental for this game.
GameSpot (Sep 22, 2006)
You get the impression as you play through Rule of Rose that there's just no way that the story's going to get all tidied up in the end. At least it'll get you thinking, but you'll have to slog through a lot of rather tedious, by-the-numbers survival-horror-style exploration to reach the game's endings. Rule of Rose earns points for broaching some subject matter that's fairly bold for gaming, and while a game with such an unsettling subject shouldn't necessarily be fun in the purest sense, it also shouldn't be boring.
Diehard GameFan (Sep 21, 2006)
Rule of Rose is a game I will remember for years. Unfortunately, not for the right reasons. Atlus did a great job bringing the game to the US, and the plot and presentation stand out enough that the game could have been a ”must-have title. Unfortunately, miserable controls and a lack of game depth leave the experience hideously lacking, and ultimately, Rule of Rose ends up being a major disappointment.
Defunct Games (Nov 02, 2006)
With its fantastic atmosphere and likable cast I really wanted to like Rule of Rose, but the game's slow pace and poor controls made it hard to get in to. If you can put up with some major game play issues you will be treated to what turns out to be a good story that is worth experiencing. Just be ready for hours of boring missions and bad lighting.
30 (Dec 13, 2006)
This game was not so much horror as horrible and horrifyingly bad. It isn't that much fun to try and poke a little pen knife at doll sized imps. The puzzles are weird, and not in a good way. The poor dog is not very convincing as a virtual pet. His response is limited and disappointing. He could have saved this game and given it one good aspect, but it just doesn't follow through.