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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.1
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.7
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Overall User Score (9 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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GamePro (US) (Apr 23, 2001)
NASCAR Rumble on the PlayStation was a woefully under-appreciated game?the arcade gameplay rocked, but its jacked-up, lighthearted take on stock car racing never really found its audience. Rumble Racing loses the NASCAR license, adds the power of the PS2, and floors the formula all the way to hot-rod heaven. Thirty-five wild cars get a workout on 15 tracks, including some stunt circuits that offer the perfect arena for barrel rolls, backflips, and corkscrew twists.
The Video Game Critic (May 29, 2001)
The only area where it stumbles is the sound department, thanks to an annoying commentator who never shuts up with his idiotic remarks. There are a nice variety of options and modes, including a two-player split screen mode (sorry, no 4 player), and a fun team mode. Rumble Racing is a game anyone can pick up and enjoy. If you're tired of those tedious "realistic" racers, Rumble Racing will provide relief.
HappyPuppy (Apr 02, 2001)
Should you pick up a copy of Rumble Racing? Is it well worth your hard earned cash? The answer is a resounding yes. With it's improved gameplay structure over NASCAR Rumble, cleaner visuals and enhanced audio, Rumble Racing will not only appeal to race fans, but to action gamers alike.
IGN (Apr 24, 2001)
It's fast, fun, very addictive, and quite possibly the best racing game currently available on PS2.
86 (Jun 29, 2001)
Schnell, schneller, Rumble Racing. Nachdem Fans arcade-lastiger Fun-Rennspiele in letzter Zeit darben mussten, kommt mit EAs Geschwindigkeits-Rush die Erlösung. Eine nahezu perfekte Steuerung sorgt für einen leichten Einstieg und die zahlreichen Strecken und Fahrzeuge, die freizuspielen sind, für die nötige Langzeitmotivation. Minimale grafische Einbußen werden aufgrund des flüssigen Gameplays gerne hingenommen. Und im Bereich Zwei-Spieler-Duelle führt momentan kein Weg an Rumble Racing vorbei. Ladies and Gentleman: Start your engines.
GameSpot (Apr 24, 2001)
Rumble Racing looks good, moves fast, and is a blast to play, either by yourself or with a friend.
PSX Extreme (May 08, 2001)
In the end I'll have to tell every race admirer to pick up Rumble Racing, especially if you enjoy games like Beetle Adventure Racing or San Francisco Rush. It may not be a gorgeous game that stands up to a game like Gran Turismo 3 or even Ridge Racer V, but this is surely one incredibly addictive and fun title worth every single penny of yours. There are a ton of features, a great two-player mode, 15 excellent tracks, and a couple of dozen vehicles which range in three different classes. Make sure you check out Rumble Racing, if you're not too sure about the title rent it at least, you won't be sorry.
Aside from the bogus AI, there’s very little to complain about in Rumble Racing. The graphics are liquid smooth and the gameplay is basically quite fun. Even the announcer provides more entertainment than your average racing play-by-play. There’s a ton of modes to choose from and lots of vehicles as well, provided you don’t mind racing a truck that scores lower in every statistic than every other car on the field. The multiplayer mode is easily the best part, as it allows for both competitive and cooperative play. With all of these plusses, it’s just too bad that the unfair AI and unbalanced powerups have to hold this offering back. As it stands, your choices for a pick-up combative racer are fairly slim on the PS2 at this point, and Rumble Racing is the king of the current pack.
Gameplanet (Jun 21, 2001)
Overall there's very little to complain about in Rumble Racing and it has to be the best arcade racing game available at present if not one of the best overall racing games. It's most definitely the fastest racing experience out there and some reviewers have even commented that it manages to outdo the fastest vehicles in the Wipeout series! There's stacks of unlockable goodies and plenty of single and multiplayer modes to whet the appetite and with the trick element being integral to your success rather than just a flashy extra it all combines to produce quite a deep game with plenty of longevity and replay value. You won't be disappointed!
A little bit Hot Wheels and a lot bit NASCAR Rumble, this game has plenty of racing action without all that realism getting in the way. I personally would have ditched the yokel that rips on you throughout the race, but turning him off takes care of this minor annoyance. A fun diversion that anyone can pick up and play that also has enough depth to keep your tires spinning for more than a weekend.
Power Unlimited (Jun, 2001)
Geen complexe racegames dit keer van Electronic Arts maar gewoon een zeer behoorlijke vrij traditionele funracer.
Gamezilla (Jun 28, 2001)
Now that I'm done with Rumble Racing I have to say that it isn't appropriate for everyone, but it isn't a total loss. If you're up to the challenge, I suggest you sit down and invest some of your time unlocking all the courses and cars. Also there are a couple of special effects that most people would enjoy, namely the power-up that creates the devastating tornado. In the long run, I'd suggest that you pass this game by and save your money for one of the hotter releases later this season.
PSM (Jun, 2001)
Rumble Racing isn't a bad racer by any stretch of the imagination, it's just a little... dull, despite even the colorful cars, colorful announcer, and colorful tricks. There's a good amount of fun to be had - more than a lot of other racers have to offer - just don't expect to find it around every turn.
Ljud och musik är något av Rumble Racings svaga kort. Musiken är stundtals helt okej, men oftast består den av misslyckade countrypastischer som absolut inte får en att dra på smilbanden. Motorljuden är i klass med vad Electronic Arts har lyckats åstadkomma med sina Game Boy-spel. Men trots alla estetiska missar lyckas spelet med att vara både utmanande och roligt, för en såväl som för två spelare. Vill man leka odödlig bilförare finns det inga alternativ!
Rumble Racing isn’t going to go down in history as the best racer around, but it is a nice addition to the PS2 racing pantheon.
GameSpot UK (May 29, 2001)
What we have here is something of a video game mongrel. Rumble Racing doesn't so much borrow ideas from existing racing games as nick every part of its content from any past racer you could mention. There's a bit of the Destruction Derby series in there, a dollop of Twisted Metal, a smidgen of Ridge Racer and a couple of handfuls of Wild Wild Racing. Add to this recognisable elements from Gran Turismo, Super Mario Kart, SSX and Vigilante 8 and you have a game with more condensed ingredients than a Pot Noodle. That said, though, Rumble Racing - while obviously lacking any originality whatsoever - is still a playable sum of its many parts.
Gamezone (Germany) (Jun 01, 2001)
Rumble Racing ist ein schneller, abgefahrener und spassiger Arcade-Racer. Die vielen Abkürzungsmöglichkeiten und Stunts sorgen zusätzlich für Abwechslung. Wer über die leicht unfaire KI und die Spar-Optik hinwegsehen kann, der findet in RR ein klasse Arcade-Game!
60 (Jul 21, 2001)
En bref, mieux vaut essayer Rumble Racing avant de l'acquérir car son côté aguicheur et sa réalisation technique bluffante risquent de réserver quelques mauvaises surprises. C'est fun cinq minutes mais on se lasse vite, beaucoup trop vite.
Gamekult (Jun 26, 2001)
Rumble Racing n'a pas à rougir de sa réalisation et trouvera bien sa place dans une ludothèque. Parmi les jeux de course actuellement disponible sur PS2, aucune comparaison n'est permise avec des titres comme GT3 ou Les 24 Heures du Mans. C'est de l'arcade pure, voire le meilleur jeu d'arcade du moment sur cette console, un gros défouloir avec une innovation : le mode coopératif. Un bon gameplay, une prise en main aisée, de bon graphismes et une bonne ambiance sonore font de ce jeu un indispensable pour tous les mordus du genre. Les autres passeront certainement leur chemin, au vu du peu d'originalité de ce titre.