The Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadian Credits

Developed By Point of View, Inc.

ProducerJon Sieker
Associate ProducerBob Cantrell (as Rob Cantrell)
Lead ProgrammerRich Rempel
ProgrammersJustin Z. Bartlett, Carlos Bustamante, Ala D. Diaz, Geoff Finger, Hideki A. Ikeda, Hari Khalsa, Anthony Palomba, Michael Terlecki, Pravin Wagh, Chris Warner, Michael Winfield
Lead ArtistIvan Enriquez
ArtistsChris Adams, Chang Hyup Baek, Samuel Bahn ("Sang"), Mike Dudley, Ruben Garza Jr., Kelly Goodine, Kich Thien Ma, Tom Narey Jr., Benjamin Naumann, Eric Piccione, David C. Russ, Mike Tamura, Charles L. Workman
Additional ArtSamuel Fung, Garrett Yanai
Lead DesignerEdward Linley
DesignerJohn Bautista ("Doughboy")
SoundUniversal Sound
Motion Capture ActorsRichard Dorton, Vanessa Vander Pluym
Special ThanksLea Shifflett, Christina Reeder, Donna Sieker, UCLA Ron, Fat Jimmy, Trisha, Brandon, Brittany & Connor, Mary Rempel, Ben Rempel, Joseph Rempel, Molly Rempel, Nicole Barth, Trysha, Kallah, Erin, Dan & Tanya, Sai Giridhar, Sai Narayan Wagh, Ursula Wagh, Jennifer Winfield, Marci Enriquez, Shaun Enriquez, Candace Enriquez, Missy Bahn, Stephanie Dudley, Valerie Jackson, Lisa Menzel-Naumann, Cathi Piccione, Katie Piccione, Alyson Piccione, Setsu Tamura, Marinah Tamura, Rowena Workman, Debs, Liz and Kim, Oscar and Pippin, Andrew J. Bautista, and Boo, for kicking my butt all the time, Boscoe and Tom, Taco ''Buddy'', Joshua Tapley ("Bling-Bling"), Joseph Pena ("AssassinBunny")

Motion Capture Studios

Motion Capture StudiosMotion Analysis, Vicon, House of Moves

Voice Over Credits

MathayusDwayne Johnson ("The Rock (R)")
Magus, PtahBilly West
Apep, Wounded A'kkadian, Soldier #1Mark Hamill
Narrator, King Urmhet, PassengerEarl Boen
Hammet, Set, Man's VoiceDarren Norris
Rama, Village Chief, Soldier #2Rino Romano
Jesup, Dice Man #1Gregg A. Berger
Concubine #1, Concubine #2Margaret Tang
Desert Hermit, Minoan Soldier, Dice Man #2, Additional Voice as MathayusAndrĂ© Sogliuzzo

Sound Credits

Casting and Voice DirectionMargaret Tang, Womb Music
Recording /  Engineering / EditingRik W. Schaffer, Womb Music
Music Compositions byRik W. Schaffer, Womb Music
Cinematic Compositions byRik W. Schaffer, Billy West, Womb Music

Motion Capture Provided By House of Moves (Los Angeles, CA)

Executive Charge of Production Motion CaptureTom Tolles
Executive Producer Motion CaptureJarrod Phillips
Chief Technology Officer, House of MovesTaylor Wilson
Motion Capture Associate ProducerKathleen McMullen
Motion Capture Production ManagerChristopher Bellaci
Motion Capture DirectorJames Scanlon
Senior Motion Capture ArtistDennis Hauk ("DJ")
Motion Capture ArtistJennifer Becherer

Motion Analysis Studios

Director, Project DevelopmentScott Gagain
VP Business DevelopmentManuel Navarro
Technical DirectorDerek Crosby, Jeff Swenty
Project ManagerMatt Bauer
Post Production ManagerAnet Hambarsumian
Motion TrackerKristina Adelmeyer, Motion Tracker, Andre Petrossian, Rre Kunene

Published By Universal Interactive

ProducerWilliam Oertel
Production TeamGary Lake-Schaal, Donovan Soto, Nick Torchia, Carlos Schulte
Senior ProducerDaniel E. Suarez
Vice President of ProductionNeal Robinson
Director of PublishingSuzan Rude
International Marketing ManagerNabil Debira
Marketing DirectorJeffery L. Nuzzi
Associate Product ManagerLauren Faccidomo-Evans
Marketing CoordinatorAnson Sowby
Director of PromotionsChandra Hill
Director of Public RelationsAlex Skillman
Creative Services SupervisorMichael Sequeira
Vice President Global MarketingTorrie Dorrell
PresidentJim Wilson
Booklet DesignLauren Azeltine
Special ThanksSandra Shagat, Erica Dart, Jason Subia, Virginia Fout, Flavie Gufflet, Kovel Fuller, Fiona Wilson, Scott M. Johnson, Marcus Sanford, Charles Yam, Absolute Quality, Patty Oertel (LBNL)
OtherThe song ''I Stand Alone'' was performed by Godsmack who appears courtesy of Republic / Universal Records under license from Universal Music Enterprises

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65848)