Shadow of the Colossus Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Welcome to the game
Our hero is about to enter a Shrine
Inside the shrine
Wander carries the body of a girl
She's been sacrificed
He wants her back
Title screen
How far will you go for love?
Game's protagonist on his horse, Agro
World map
Reflect the beams of light to find the direction of your next target
Meet the first colossus
Grip and climb fur areas
Discover its weakness
Stab the sigil to defeat it
Look, Ma!
First colossus falls down
Defeating a colossus would destroy an idol in the shrine
Stopping near a beautiful bridge on the way to many of the colossi
You'll discover other save points during your journey. They all look like this and are usually situated in small lonely towers
You kneel near a turtle and attempt to have some sort of meaningful contact
Jumping through some structures on the way to a cave-dwelling colossus
You'll discover several impressively-looking places in this game. This one looks like a subterranean chapel
Oh, my! One of the early colossi - but not one of the smallest. I'd say medium size, actually. This one looks a bit like an oversized bison. I hope the colossus isn't hurt by this comparison
Most colossi love making a dramatic appearance. This here is one of the most original ones, early to mid-game - an underwater snake!
The colossus is swimming through vast waters. You try to aim the bow and hit those electric parts of him sticking out
Some of the paths leading to the colossi include old-fashioned platform-style climbing, hanging, and jumping. At least these structures don't move!
This reptile-like mid-game colossus lives at the bottom of a large round tower
Colossi have different personalities - some are more aggressive than others. This animal will brutally attack the moment I land there
You can hunt lizards populating the game world. Kill them with the bow and then eat them to slightly increase health
This somewhat crustacean-looking colossus dwells in a remote cave surrounded by arid plains with hot water springs
Can you see me? I'm hanging on his leg! My faithful horse is watching
One of the most treacherous colossi, this sandworm-like creature will attack very fast and without warning!
A peaceful scene near a waterfall
Swimming through the sunken ruins of a great palace
Wow. This colossus truly looks like a whole city. He is also quite big. And he shoots stuff at you
If you thought all those were impressive, how about a FLYING colossus?..
Serene, mild environment - a sad forest with a small cozy building
You've discovered an entire abandoned city!
Aww... One of the game's last colossi is also the smallest one. Be careful: he may look cute, but he will charge at you mercilessly!
Did you like that other city? Well, how about a magnificent fortress right in the middle of a desert?
This is one of the biggest colossi in the game. He is also probably the most anthropomorphic one - he even carries a sword!
Crossing a collapsing bridge!
Climbing up a mountain, hanging on grass. You can feel the pain and the effort very clearly
Cower in fear, mortal, and behold the splendor of the most powerful colossus of all!