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Shadow Tower: Abyss Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
Mysterious intro: the discovery of the dreaded Shadow Tower...
Starting screen of gameplay. Yes, it's dark. And it's going to stay that way!..
Shooting scary red monsters with your gun in a forest area
Game Over screen
One of the many corpses you'll find in this game... you get a hat off this one
This screen shows how much of the map you have completed. Here I'm advancing to the second area with only 16% of the previous one completed - talk about optional content!
Each monster in the game gets his own detailed dossier in this database
Charon and the river Styx? Something like this... This desolate, blood-chilling scene sets the mood of the game perfectly
This strange, alien-like area is the game's only "friendly hub". Several other areas are accessed from here
One of the game's few friendly characters. You wish she'd be even more friendly to you... but she disappears enigmatically
There is a vast amount of weapons and armor you'll be able to find and buy
Such glowing colored orbs appear very rarely. This is a shop and a repair service. Two more colors stand for saving and healing
An instance of item-using
Chalkstone Area. Crazy monsters throw fire at me
Deformed Insect Area. The name speaks for itself, doesn't it?..
Using soul pods to freely customize your character
An impressively-designed friendly character. You'll meet him a few times during your journey
Boss battle against a fearsome insect queen
Check everything you see - there are plenty of items everywhere. Just found a revolver in this strange receptacle. Note the red on my character - part of my equipment is broken...
Violent Poison Area. They might have meant "violet"... Shooting at a lizard monster with my new revolver
One of the many eerie scenes in the game. I test my new fire spell, trying not to look at the corpses...
This blue guy hits me with spells! Man... I'm just a tourist, dude
One of the bosses. He may look somewhat cute, but he is ferocious... a very tough battle indeed. Check out my precise moves!
New area, old enemies... remember those incredibly annoying plants from the first Shadow Tower? Well, they are back with zombie support!..
You should kill those foul-breathing things to clear the way. I try my brand new ice spell
Ahh, the magnificent Cliff Area! There is only one problem: very tough enemies flying around!..

Official Screenshots

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