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Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Intro movie (yes, a well known devil hunter makes his appearance here, too)
Title screen
Chiaki at the Disco Inferno
Keeping Pixie in the party
Jack Frost vending machine
End of the World
Shinjuku Hospital
Yoyogi park
Map of Tokyo
Jack Frost!
Recruiting Nekomata
Half-human, half-demon game protagonist
Main menu
Change your stats and learn new abilities by ingesting a magatama
Character status screen
Ally status screen
Move around quickly using Amala Network
Rag's Jewelry -- trade gems for goodies
Cathedral of Shadows
A list of known demons in Cathedral of Shadows
Demon fusion in Cathedral of Shadows
Ginza map
Moving around the world
Control your demon allies during battle
Both parties can gain and lose turns during battle
Koppa is begging for mercy
Failed to convince Forneus to join my party
You're welcomed everywhere
Labyrinth of Amala
About to cast an essential support spell on my high-level party, which is posing for the shot together with the enemies
Demon compendium gives you descriptions, which are mythologically not always accurate. Fancy having archangel Michael in your party?..
Viewing the stats of a summoned ally. Fanciful, yet impressive design - I wonder if Mithra was ever depicted like this?..
A regular shop in the game's more urban area
Underground Mall in Shibuya
Central square in Ginza area, right in the middle of Tokyo
One of the game's later dungeons - cold, psychedelic structures
Ominous red corridors of the Amala Temple
Whoa... Beelzebub is casting his devastating fly attack on poor enemies!
Ikebukuro district is controlled by Chiaki and her demons. I switched to first-person view and watched how this Oni wiped his face
Though still sparse and ascetic, the graphics are clearly more detailed than in earlier Shin Megami Tensei games. This area is almost cozy!
Wow! Having Metatron in my party certainly helps. He casts crazy powerful light attacks on enemies
Asakusa has some of the warmer visuals in the game. This almost looks like a bustling street... except there are just two lone demons here
Clotho may look nice, but she has a killer gaze. I guess that's why she had such an influence on people's fates in Greek mythology
Some of the dungeons look "organic". A massacre has happened in this dimension...
A cool dungeon with twisted passages and violently shaking lamps in a government building