Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Part of the introduction animation
Title and main menu
Talking with Yukiko after school
Strange murders have been happening...can you solve the case?
Keep an eye on the weather report
When it rains at night, you might see something on the midnight channel
People appear on the midnight channel, and then become trapped in the tv world
Exploring one of the dungeons
In the tv world entrance; Rise helps out
The battle screen
Persona stats
When all enemies are knocked down, you can attack as a group
Here comes a shadow!
Chie attacks an enemy
Fuse personas together to create more powerful ones
Prepare to battle shadow Rise...
Junes is your usual meeting place
Chie's persona has leveled up
A boss level battle
You can find some strange things in the fridge; do you dare eat them?
Chie has been knocked down in battle
Summoning a persona
Map of the area
Talking with Rise-chan
Yosuke is tired of working...
At a festival wearing yukata - what's your response?
Stay alert, you may be called on in class
Lost in a dungeon; which way to go?
Are you ready to face shadow Yukiko?
Chie likes to train to be ready for the tv world
Social rank level up
You must choose, but choose wisely!
Prepare to enter a dungeon...
After winning a battle, you may be able to choose a card in the shuffle
Reading books can increase stats
Intruder alert! Are we in trouble now?
Uh oh, shadow approaching!
Enemies get knocked down when you attack their weakness
Time for an all out attack!
You may overhear some useful information from time to time