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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.5
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.5
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.5
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.4

Critic Reviews

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With repetitive combat and a plot thinner than Tracey Gold, Shining Tears shouldn't be quite as good as it is. But the retro vibe, beautiful graphics and unique control dynamic add a lot of value. It's not the best action/RPG out there, but offers some fun co-op and recalls days past in a far better way than any of the lame jokes I've made in this review.
Game Shark (Apr 06, 2005)
Anyway all of that ultimately doesn't matter. The game is out and now it's time to take the kid gloves off and give it a serious evaluation. Despite the title, Shining Tears is not a new title in the ultra popular Shining Force series - it's an all new action role-playing game franchise set in the same universe and featuring many of the races and locations that Shining fans will recognize. While Shining Tears is not a perfect experience by any stretch of the imagination, we've certainly played worse games on the PlayStation 2. Onto the details!
Without a truly tactical edge, Shining Tears gets repetitive quickly, though the actions you find yourself repeating are immensely entertaining.
Legendra (Sep 17, 2005)
Shining Tears est un excellent jeu à deux: si vous avez un ami qui a envie de jouer avec vous, vous aller passer de superbes moments, surtout si vous avez la nostalgie de la série Shining. Si vous êtes seul, ce jeu reste très bon, même si par moment vous haïrez l'IA. Bref dans tous les cas, il s'agit d'un très bon investissement.
Whether or not you'll enjoy Shining Tears is dependent on assorted factors, the most important being how long you play your games in one stretch. If the battles were a little more confined and (needed) bonuses weren't offered for beating everything in a stage, then this could have been game of the year potential. As it stands, the die-hards that will likely be drawn to this title in the first place will likely stick it out, but be drained by it's repetitiveness by the end.
GotNext (Jul 04, 2005)
Playing Shining Tears is a lot like eating at your local Chinese buffet right before it closes-- the spare ribs are lukewarm, the fried rice is a bit hard, and the sesame chicken glaze is way more gelatinous than it should be. Yet in spite of this, that doesn't stop you from filling up your plate, digging in, and going back for seconds.
Shining Tears starts out on a wonderful high note—an awesome anime intro that speaks to all of the game’s strengths. Traditional fantasy characters with that unmistakable Japanese style—lovely elf maidens, noble dragons, enchanting sorceresses, heroic bards, cunning wolf-men, cute cat-girls, mighty centaurs—clash on the battlefield, sometimes against each other, more often engaging in all-out combat, tearing through enemy legions with magical might and sheer brute force. The innocence and charm is breathtaking, the character design second to none, filling me with a warm familiarity that rekindles memories of the days of 16-bit.
Just RPG (Dec 05, 2005)
I truly enjoyed my time with Shining Tears. I thought that the game was fun, the characters were adorable, and the art style was unique and beautiful. So, you the reader might be wondering why, if I enjoyed the game so much, I did not give it a higher score? The answer is hard to explain. Shining Tears is a good game, but it has many shortcomings that seriously detract from the game play experience.
GameSpot (May 28, 2005)
Shining Tears is a decent hack-and-slash fun-fest with many available upgrades, but not that much combat meat to it.
IGN (Mar 23, 2005)
SEGA's hack and slash spin-off doesn't live up to its namesake.
UOL Jogos (Jun 22, 2005)
O sistema de desenvolvimento é satisfatório e a procura e "upgrade" de itens deve agradar para quem tem paciência. Mas, infelizmente, as batalhas, ponto importante para qualquer RPG, são muito fáceis e repetitivos, que vira um processo maçante ou, pior, um mal necessário para melhorar a condição de seus personagens. Só depende da personalidade do jogador se as lágrimas derramadas por "Shining Tears" serão de nostalgia ou de tristeza.
PSX Extreme (Apr 08, 2005)
Shining Tears just isn't worth $50. The pacing just kills the experience and the good ideas that the game brings to the table were never executed the way that they were drawn up. Even mindless "hack"tion games seem to understand that pacing keeps the game moving along. It almost seemed to me that the game's development team wanted to keep the feel of the strategy-based Shining games while producing an action-based game. Unfortunately, it's just not possible to do both, and nobody will ultimately be satisfied by this game.
GameZone (Apr 08, 2005)
The “Shining” series was a long running RPG/Strategy game that made its debut on the Sega Genesis. Shining in the Darkness was the first game released and it was an atypical first-person perspective RPG/Dungeon crawler. The second game in the series, Shining Force, was a different type of game from Shining in the Darkness. Shining Force was a strategy game with some RPG elements included. For the old school gamers out there, this is where the Shining series really “shined,” if you’ll excuse the bad pun. The turn-based strategy gameplay was highly addictive and the games even included excellent story lines to keep you further glued to your controller. Sega kept the flame burning for the Shining series for several years until Shining Force III was released for the Sega Saturn.
GameSpy (Mar 18, 2005)
Sega attempts to blend old-school RPG style and modern action-RPG gameplay. The result will appeal mostly to fans of the former.
Random Access (Aug 22, 2013)
Shining Tears isn't a terrible game by any means. Those who love simple hack'n'slashers may get a kick out of this game, probably because that's more or less what it is. But a traditional "Shining" game, it is not; those expecting something in the same vein as games from earlier days will be sorely disappointed. Shining Tears also has a few too many flaws to classify it as a bona fide classic, so what we're left with is an average game in a sea of many outstanding titles, trying to stay afloat in a pool of shining tears.
Netjak (Apr 29, 2005)
I think we're getting to the point where we're going to have to start paying Sega NOT to make games on their own. You guys at whatever's left of Sega obviously don't have the talent to make good game anymore. You're taking what should be guaranteed hits with these fabled franchises and making games I wouldn't recommend people fish out of the bargain bin. If you've got someone's who patient enough to sit around and play in combat, while letting you do all of the RPGing, then you may want to give this a possible rental. If you don't have a friend like that, you don't have a reason to ever play this game.
Diehard GameFan (Mar 31, 2005)
If you want a good Shining Game, go get your GBA and play the heck out of Shining Force: RotDD. Heck, even the Shining Soul games are done better and offer more of a challenge and interesting gameplay than this game. If you want a great game, get out a Sega Genesis and track down Shining Force 2. It’s not that Shining Tears is an awful game. It is that is a game that could have been so much more and it feels like nothing more than a GBA port to the PS2. There’s no improvements from the original line. Instead it’s managed to get worse. Rent at most.
RPGamer (2005)
With poor AI and a bad interface, Shining Tears is riddled with problems that are made worse by the shortcuts that were taken to supposedly cover them up. It is unoriginal and has a below average story. At least it doesn't try hiding behind exquisite graphics like many other bad games do. All things considered, Shining Tears has enough flaws to almost completely ruin a game that would have been otherwise unspectacular.

atari gravitar