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Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Main Title/Main Menu
Options screen
Selecting to play the main or the extra scenario
Opening cinematic shows James in the parking restroom, not believing in a reason he came to Silent Hill
Game starts in a not so maintained restroom which is true to the feeling of the rest of the game
James came to Silent Hill in search of his dead wife
The end of the road, the rest I go on foot... better take the stuff from car with me
Before you proceed any further, it may be useful to take a map from your car's front seat
Due to a road block, you'll have to find a detour to reach Silent Hill
The long opening run through the forest is long for two things... to show you how far away you are from nowhere, and to test your nerves of steel
Entering the cemetery area
Meeting Angela on Silent Hill's cemetery
Angela appears to be searching for someone as well
Most of the time you'll be using your flashlight so all you can expect to see is your silhouette and a small portion of lit screen
James will doodle on his maps to mark it true to the current events in Silent Hill
Browsing through the inventory
Second encounter with Angela, in an apartment room... you'll run into same characters over and over again, those few that are as crazy as you to come in here, anyway
Angela is contemplating suicide
James on the only balcony in the game, pondering his next move
James, face to face with the ultimate nemesis, the Pyramid Head
James approaching a familiar looking figure, could it be...
Meeting Maria
James coming face to face with a dead ringer of his late wife
James and Maria, two souls trapped in the same hell
Teaming up with Maria
Angela is taking out the monster with a TV set
James saving Angela from... a furniture monster
Exploring the rooms of a LakeView hotel
LakeView hotel map, interiors will have lots of rooms and floors to explore
Well, if you found a VCR, all you need to find a tape and see what's on it
Watching the tape James and Mary made together when they were on a vacation in Silent Hill
Each of the characters seem to live in their own inferno
One of many different endings which are reached based on several different factors during gameplay
An opening to "Born from a Wish" scenario where you play as Maria
Maria starts a game in the Heaven's Night club