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Written by  :  リカルド・フィリペ (262656)
Written on  :  Nov 17, 2014
Rating  :  4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars

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Terrifying visuals, eerie sounds and sexual depravity – you’re in for a treat.

The Good

Silent Hill 2 exceeds its predecessor in all departments, so being a Silent Hill fan I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the sequel. Let’s start with the visuals. This game is visually stunning, bringing the power of the PS2 to the max, and holding up outstandingly even to today’s standards. The high point of the visual looks are really the creatures in the game, with much more individual detail to them than the ones on the previous game – an example of this is the now iconic Pyramid Head, which has become the series mascot of sorts. Regarding the soundtrack, I’d say Akira Yamaoka really outdid himself with this game. Surpassing the original soundtrack is already saying a lot, but the tunes in Silent Hill 2 are really some of the most beautifully horrifying ever, and it shows. The sound blends perfectly with the visuals, creating an atmosphere of everlasting tension, which is one of Silent Hill 2’s most pervasive elements. The gameplay is really where this game and the previous one differ the most – Henry (Silent Hill 2’s protagonist) is much more easily controllable than Harry from the first game. Controls are simply more fluid, and a very welcome addition. And of course, there’s the highly intelligent plot, filled with suspense and surprising plot twists which will stay with you long after you finish the game. There is also a great deal of sexual innuendo throughout, which is unusual for video games, but fits Silent Hill 2 perfectly.

The Bad

There really isn’t anything I didn’t like about this game. It is an absolute masterpiece. If I were to be extremely picky and point any fault at all, it would be the somewhat diminishing returns the game has – after you finish it the first time, subsequent playthroughs simply won’t be as intense. Still, I find myself replaying the game over the years, so I guess it really is a minor thing.

The Bottom Line

Silent Hill 2 can be best described as a venture into the human psyche, addressing delicate themes such as fear, guilt, frustration, obsession, and sex. 13 years since its release, and no other horror game has come out that could even begin to compare. A must-play for sure.