Silent Hill 4: The Room Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main menu
Story prologue
Immediately, you wake up in alternate apartment of yours
You can look outside the window, but noone's gonna hear you crying for help
Henry's not afraid of someone getting in, but is starting to realise not being able to get out
Exploring the subway
Nothing useful to pick up, but clues for the player nonetheless
Checking out the map
Henry's having hard time finding the right words for Cynthia
Henry's only connection to the outer world are strange holes that appeared in his apartment
A secret passage behind the elevator shaft
Attacked by the wheelchairs
Hospital rooms aren't looking too hospitable
Henry and Eileen fighting their way through the hospital
Getting outside the apartment just to see that everything's changed
This crumbled wall will prove useful to enter the adjacent apartment
Browsing the limited inventory
Other apartments in the building don't look much better than Henry's