Silent Scope Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Someone means you to take this warning seriously because it displays before the game loads and stays on screen until a button is pressed.
The game's title screen
This is the game's menu
These are the training mode options. Various different kinds of shooting situations to hone the sniper's skills
Training mode at the Farm. Bad guys are shown by red markers like this. Good guys have blue markers
Opt to play the game and this screen is presented. In Story Mode only Downtown is available, other locations are locked at this point
There's a brief slide-show introduction to the story line. Terrorists want their leader freed so they took the president's daughter
Mission One: Downtown and providing police backup. Everything is timed. Bad guys are identified by a red flash over their heads, good guys by a blue one
Whenever a bad guy is hit the player is given a score and an indication where the next target is
Bad guys are everywhere. Shooting upwards is much harder
The first part of the mission is over.
When supporting the police is complete the player progresses to the next phase
Seriously! That's the target! I'm in a helicopter with a rifle and he's got cannon and machine guns.
Every part of the game is timed. The player can extend time by taking out bad guys quickly, but if you can do that do you need extra time.
There is night sniping to be done too. This shot is taken from the rolling demo that kicks in if the player does not press the START key at the beginning of the game.
There are separate high score tables for all game modes
These are the game configuration options