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78 (Nov 02, 2008)
Singalong with Disney is a great addition to the franchise, sure it is aimed at children, which is great if you are having a party, however there is no doubt that at some point the adults will break this out as well, there is nothing like reliving your childhood after all.
Jolt (UK) (Nov 11, 2008)
Overall the song selection is thoughtful, but sadly it isn’t all a bed of roses for the latest SingStar game. The Disney back catalogue is filled with excellent musical numbers from its animated movies, and yet Singalong with Disney only musters a total of twenty tracks. While most of the favourites are covered, the nature of the songs means that they’re as short as they are fun to sing. In terms of song quality, this is one of the most satisfying SingStar games, but in terms of song quantity, it’s one of the least.
NZGamer (Nov 18, 2008)
Of course, if you’re a very diehard Disney fanatic, and know every song, you’ll manage to squeeze fun out of everything on this disc. For the more casual person, however, try and get your hands on this disc some other way.
AceGamez (2008)
It's a good sign that Sony are finally doing much more focused titles in the franchise though and the other upcoming titles such as SingStar ABBA and the PS2 version of the Queen track packs are making this the norm. This will be an essential purchase to hardcore Disney followers, of which there are a lot, but everyone else may want to steer clear of this overpriced karaoke experience. Still, this is SingStar through and through and, at a party, nothing can top it.
65 (Dec 24, 2008)
No es la primera vez que nos hacemos esta pregunta, y es que no sabemos hasta dónde llega la imaginación de los chicos del London Studio para ofrecer nuevas entregas de su popular franquicia. Y como siempre, pensamos lo mismo, está bien que piensen en los usuarios de PS2 que no tienen la PS3, pero sigue sin tener sentido que salgan tantos paquetes temáticos cuando se pueden obtener por Internet más baratos. Sólo si eres un fan incondicional de Disney o si tienes pensado comprarlo para el pequeño de la casa acertarás.
Not a bad song list, although where’s Hakuna Matata (Lion King) and Hi-Ho (Snow White)?! All the songs come with video straight from the films. PS2 owners can use an EyeToy camera to capture embarrassing photos, you can save them and your voice performances to memory card. PS3 owners be warned that this game isn’t yet compatible with the more modern PS3s. If your PS3 is compatible, your PlayStation Eye won’t be.
Boomtown (Nov 06, 2008)
With all of the tweaking towards the younger audience (well, it is a Disney game), the track listing should certainly have reflected that. Just one Aladdin song? Nothing from Mulan, Hercules or Pokahontas? With another ten songs to bring it up to the standard 30 this could have been rectified. And yes, a six is still a positive score (let’s call it a Baby AAA Title), but really a disappointment considering what we were all expecting. Come back Paulina Bozek, all is forgiven. So here’s a freebee idea for your next game, Sony. SingStar Musicals. Just try not to mess that one up please.
60 (Nov 04, 2008)
Avec sa sélection de titres classiques, Singstar Chansons Magiques de Disney se destine principalement aux parents soucieux de faire découvrir à leur progéniture certaines chansons de leur enfance. Dans la mesure où on a bien compris cela, il n'y pas de raison d'être déçu par cette compilation.
60 (UK) (Dec 02, 2008)
SingStar Disney isn't quite as good as it ought to be. At least there are songs from throughout Disney history - it's just a shame not all of them are classics, and some of them are clearly fillers. You probably won't mind that much if you're nine, though. Besides, you'll probably be too excited about the fact your voice has gone like a robot and you can make all sparkles go everywhere.
Singstar Singalong with Disney could have been a great addition to the SingStar franchise, but with only twenty very short songs the game represents very poor value.
Good Game (Nov 24, 2008)
there’s only twenty five tracks rather than the usual thirty and some of these are incredibly short - Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo is just over a minute. And when you think Disney you think “kids” but most of these songs are actually challenging to sing.
Gamekult (Nov 19, 2008)
Mettre uniquement Ce rêve bleu pour Aladdin, oublier Hakuna Matata pour Le Roi Lion ou ne faire figurer aucune chanson de Merlin l'Enchanteur, Pinocchio, Mary Poppins, Oliver & Compagnie ou Robin des Bois relève presque du blasphème, même si on peut compter sur Disney et Sony pour prévoir d'autres volumes par la suite. On trouvera bien quelques extraits de Peter Pan, du Livre de la Jungle ou des Aristochats pour s'amuser et revivre un peu son enfance. Cependant, même le nostalgique le plus exacerbé ne tiendra pas longtemps face à la pauvreté de cette compilation qui se traîne avec moins de classe que le Clochard face à sa Belle.