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Advertising Blurbs

    The highly anticipated sequel to the Columbia Pictures hit film is about to get even bigger as it slings its web onto the Xbox.

    Patrol the streets and skies of a living, breathing Manhattan, scaling buildings, slinging webs, fighting crime, and confronting villains, including Doc Ock. You can go wherever a spider can in the city that never sleeps.

    Take New York for a spin in Spider-Man 2™!

    • Only game based on the Spider-Man 2 movie: Delivering an all-new story line and gaming experience.
    • Most accurate depiction of Spider-Man ever: Spider-Man 2 is the only game that truly makes players feel like they are the ultimate web-slinging superhero.
    • Realistic physics system: Allows webs to attach to all objects. Unique pendulum physics make swinging more fun. Now, you can swing at different heights, around corners, and more—just like Spider-Man does in the film!
    • Locomotion system: Lets Spider-Man move more fluidly.
    • New moves: Try out the new power jumps, run up walls, and even swing on flag poles. Players can also attach to numerous objects, from helicopters to buildings.
    • New web attacks: Disarm opponents, blind enemies, web multiple opponents, rodeo up to four enemies, and bring down the sledge hammer! You can even lift opponents in the air and come at them in a vertical attack.
    • New combat system: Challenges players to choose specific attack modes against each villain.
    • Deep combat system: Challenges players to be more strategic.
    • New “counter” system: Lets players dodge opponent advances with unique moves when taking on each different villain.
    • True freedom: Spider-Man is the only free-roaming game that lets players scale the heights of the city from the streets to the rooftops.
    • Heroic decisions: Random crimes allow players to save common New Yorkers while saving the world. It's the first superhero game that challenges players to interact with ordinary citizens and embark on missions designed to protect them. You can even upgrade your Spidey abilities by successfully protecting pedestrians.
    • More realistic depiction of New York City: Featuring more than 30 key landmarks, including St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty.
    • New villains: Fight Spider-Man's new enemies from the latest hit movie, including Mysterio, Black Cat, and Rhino.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22285) on Oct 07, 2010.

    Spidey's back - swinging into action to save New York from the clutches of Doctor Octopus!

    Bigger. Better. Did we mention bigger? Spider-Man 2 is the biggest Spider-Man game yet, letting you explore New York City, from the lowest back alley to the highest skyscraper roof, as the amazing Spider-Man.

    Featuring all the locations, villains and voices from the smash hit movie, Spider-Man 2 is as close as you can come to actually being the red and blue webslinger.

    Take one city; add one superhero. Bring them together and you have Spider-Man 2, the first 'free roaming' superhero game, where you can almost literally go anywhere and do anything in your daily crime-fighting life.

    Want to just swing around the city? You can, enjoying realistic 'pendulum physics' which will take you higher than ever before. Fancy an acrobatic workout? Just try running over the rooftops, using your super-leap to take you higher, and your wall-crawling ability to scale buildings.

    On your journey around the city you'll find hundreds of random events - from muggings to rescues - plus hidden bonuses and challenges that all add up to special awards. You'll also earn Hero Points, currency for upgrades that will help you in your quest to defeat Doctor Octopus.

    Those upgrades include combos to help Spidey in combat, which has been fully revamped. Spidey can now lay the smackdown on his foes in mid-air, or use his web to throw them around, string them up from lampposts and much more. You can also use his Spider Sense to get a slow-motion view of proceedings, which'll help you dodge attacks as well as unlocking new combos.

    For fans of previous games on the series you'll be pleased to see that Spider-Man 2's story doesn't limit itself to imitating the movie - villains from the comic such as Mysterio and Shocker make an appearance, and Spidey even gets to team up with the curvaceous Black Cat.

    With the voice talents of the movie cast - including Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man - thrown in to top things off, Spider-Man 2 is simply the most authentic Spidey game yet.

    • Take Spider-Man for a spin around a living, breathing New York City

    • All-new combat, swinging and Spider Sense gameplay

    • Featuring the full voice cast from Spider-Man 2, including Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and Alfred Molina

    • Hundreds of random encounters dotted around New York

    • Your chance to 'be' Spider-Man as never before!

    Contributed by DreinIX (10673) on Apr 12, 2008.

www.nintendo.com – GameCube:
    Web-head takes Manhattan once more in this highly anticipated sequel!

    Getting there is half the fun in Activision's giddy adventure.


    • Roam freely through huge map of Manhattan
    • Open-ended chapters
    • Hundreds of optional missions, challenges and mega challenges
    • Scour the city for hundreds of hints and tokens
    • Classic Spider-Man characters including J. Jonah Jameson, Black Cat and Doc Ock
    • Bruce Campbell lends his vocal talents to the tutorial
    • Scour the city for hundreds of hints and tokens

    The swing mechanism has been greatly enhanced from the first Spider-Man game. Shoot out a web by pressing R. If you press the jump button -- A -- at the top of the arc, you'll fly through the air until you press R to swing again. The manual swing option doesn't take long to learn and will prove immensely more fun and helpful than the easy swinging option. Spidey can also crawl up a building by pressing X and run up the side of a building by pressing L and X.

    Probably the simplest pleasure of Spider-Man 2 is just exploring the massive map of Manhattan. Even though Spider-Man can move very quickly, the island never feels cramped. Partly that's because you're exploring vertically, climbing to the tops of all those skyscrapers. It's also because the waters surrounding Manhattan feel like such a natural boundary, you don't notice that whenever he takes an accidental dip, the game resets him back on Manhattan.

    Activision consistently chooses fun playability over realism. For example, Spider-Man never takes damage from falling or running into a wall. He instantly clings to a wall, even when he smacks into it at a high speed. The very brief tutorial is helped immensely by wise-guy Bruce Campbell's jokey delivery. You're then invited to explore Manhattan at your leisure, getting the hang of jumping and web-slinging.

    Throughout the game, you'll gradually learn Spider-Man's astonishing variety of moves at 200-plus Hint Markers scattered around town. When you come across these, press your B Button for a brief word of advice. The larger-than-life Campbell is so entertaining, he comes to feel like the second-most important character in the game.

    I'll Take Manhattan

    Spider-Man 2 has an open-ended mission structure in which you're invited to explore Manhattan at your own pace. Each chapter has only one or two mandatory missions, but since you're also tasked with garnering tons of Hero Points, you'll find yourself offering your services to citizens in need.

    When you see a flashing icon at the side of the screen, head in that direction and offer your services. White and blue icons show mandatory objectives, but you won't get enough Hero Points unless you successfully complete many green and purple optional events, which include halting gangs, rescuing construction workers clinging to the sides of buildings, ferrying injured persons to a hospital, saving people from sinking boats and -- toughest of all -- retrieving runaway toy balloons.

    You can spend Hero Points at your friendly neighborhood Spidey Store, buying upgraded moves and attacks. To find a Spidey Store and just about anything else (except hidden items), check out your map.

    Developer Treyarch has bulked out the game by throwing in a bunch of unusual challenges. Peter Parker makes ends meet by snapping pix for the Daily Bugle and delivering pizzas. You'll also gain Hero Points by discovering all the Hint Markers, defeating all the game's timed challenges and getting "mega times" in all these challenges. Finally you can collect all the buoy tokens (pretty hard, given Spider-Man's aversion to water), secret tokens and skyscraper tokens. Impromptu challenges from familiar enemies include chasing Black Cat over rooftops or battling Rhino.

    Sonically, Spider-Man 2 is a pleasure. Those opinionated New Yawkers must be the toughest audience ever for a superhero, as passers-by carp about Spidey's show-offiness. Orchestral music cues major showdowns.

    Bottom Line

    Spider-Man 2 greatly improves on the original with wondrous swinging mechanics. The mandatory challenges can be very tough, so take your time practicing all of Spidey's amazing moves.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65847) on Aug 26, 2005.

Back of Case - Xbox (US/Canada):

    From random crime to global threat, the entire city is relying on you to save it.

    Do anything Spider-Man can with breathtaking new moves and amazing combos.
    Battle Doc Ock, bust street crimes or clash with classic villains.
    Go anywhere, interact with anyone and anything.
    Web swing for the first time from street to rooftop across the entire city.
    Featuring the voices of Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, and Alfred Molina.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9551) on Jun 30, 2004.