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Game Vortex (Sep 28, 2004)
Spy Fiction is a game that will appeal to people who like stealth games and adventures. If you aren't really into both of them, then there is probably a combination of difficulty settings that will give you the gaming experience you are looking for.
The Next Level (USA) (Oct 04, 2004)
In any case, Spy Fiction actually turned out great, and even though I thought the game was pretty good at E3 2004, I had my doubts on how good it would be. There are a few oddities in the game, mainly due to the combat, but the puzzles and story both make up for that. The graphics are good, but I'd prefer something that's a little gritty than the clean-cut anime style too. In the end, fans of stealth action games should definitely check this game out!
80 (GAF) (Sep 12, 2004)
While not the most original game in the stealth genre, it certainly is a quality title. The camoflauge/disguise bio-suit is probally the the most original concept within the game, but you don't have to re-invent the wheel to make a good title. Do yourself a favor and don't overlook it. It does plenty to provide an entertaining stealth/action experience that is more than worthy of your time.
PGNx Media (Sep 14, 2004)
Steath genre fans will like Spy Fiction as the gameplay is solid if typical. There is nothing particularly wrong with the game (with the exception of the negligibly annoying shooting system) but it doesn’t seem to make any strides in the genre, particularly with a heavy weight like Metal Gear Solid 3 coming in a few months.
GameZone (Sep 07, 2004)
Spy Fiction is a fun game that puts in a new twist to the spy genre. While there are better games out on the market, this game will provide you with some good times.
Worth Playing (Sep 14, 2004)
Spy Fiction is a much more refined take on Kojima’s formula, but it still shares too many features and most of its aesthetic feel with the Metal Gear series for my liking. The gameplay is vastly different from most other stealth games, though most of it is mediocre with the exception of the puzzle segments. Its crazy camera makes running and gunning difficult, and being stealthy is too much work and takes too much time. Had the game stuck with its unique, brainy moments, it would have been a much better experience. Metal Gear Solid 3 will likely be the better game overall, but Spy Fiction is a good diversion from the past of the genre that will keep most players sticking with it ‘till the very end.
As part of the S.E.A.'s Elite Phantom Strike Force, there is a lot to be asked of you in the name of keeping the world safe from international terrorists and madmen. Today, agents of the S.E.A. are on the trail of a terrorist organization harboring a doomsday biotech weapon. To neutralize the group, they must locate its elusive commander by infiltrating his network of secret operations spanning the globe. And thus, you're called upon to infiltrate large labs, secret bases, mansions and more, with missions and goals that are ripped right from the best spy and espionage movie plots. So you'll get missions throughout the game that will loosely follow the overall storyline.
Spy Fiction es un juego que ofrece calidad y diversión. No es un Metal Gear, pero sí que es una alternativa a tener en cuenta. Su duración es bastante larga (mucho más que otros juegos de este estilo), posee un acabado gráfico notable y sus numerosos extras y secretos nos incita a rejugarlo una y otra vez. Posee fallos como el "bug" de las sombras, los tiempos de carga entre misión y misión (cerca de 1 minuto), la música es bastante sosa y los personajes no tienen el carisma y fuerza que necesitan para llegar al jugador. Pero son fallos perdonables en un juego que es una más que recomendable alternativa a otros títulos de infiltración. Si ya has terminado todos los Metal Gear y otros juegos de infiltración, y quieres probar con otra nueva aventura, Spy Fiction sabrá complacerte.
While I can't say this is the most original game I've played - one of the its best sequences is highjacked wholesale from Mission Impossible - it's definitely a fair entry in the genre.
IGN (Aug 30, 2004)
When the spies need to don several different disguises and weave their way through the enemy complexes with a mix of braveness and creativity the game takes on a life of its own. The whole process of pretending to be someone else is unique and lends itself to several different situations to get through. With some physical puzzles to back it up, Spy Fiction provides a good ten hours of solving the challenges contained within. It's a shame about the action and the camera, but if you're willing to look past that there's definitely something to see here.
The graphics are decent, but not realistic enough that I really feel immersed in the world. All in all, it's not a bad little spy game, but the emphasis really is on the "fiction" part.
GamingTrend (Oct 29, 2005)
Spy Fiction is a mess. Beyond cheesy. Beyond embarrassing. Aggravating cutscenes and dialogue pull you right out of the story, while subpar controls and visuals sour the game experience. There are some good ideas in here, but the execution is unforgivably poor. Based on some of the gadgets introduced and the minigames available, the game the designers imagined might have been fun to play, but the game they actually made is severely lacking.
Gamer 2.0 (Sep 05, 2004)
Just about every time we play a game, we buy into some completely unrealistic conventions. Whether it's a superhuman ability to withstand damage or unlimited ammunition or health packs that take effect instantly, these things don't normally faze us in the least. We've come to accept them, because they usually make the games in which they're found more fun. The problem with many of the conventions in Spy Fiction is that they don't make the game more fun. They just seem kind of strange and unnecessary, and feel like things that a little bit more effort in the game's design could have remedied. Die-hard fans of stealthy spy action might still find the experience enjoyable, but Spy Fiction just takes too many little missteps to be wholeheartedly recommendable.
GameSpot (Sep 08, 2004)
Overall, Spy Fiction is an average stealth action game that has just enough new stuff to make it reasonably interesting to devotees of the genre. However, if you're on the fence about stealth games (or especially if you're sick of them), this isn't going to do much for you. There's a small amount of unlockable content, and the two playable characters add a bit of replay value, but Spy Fiction is a game that will play most favorably to players who are willing to accept its adherence to stealth conventions.
Game Freaks 365 (Jan 01, 2006)
My final word is that Spy Fiction is simply of the category that belongs to average stealth games. It won't be remembered for anything but its lack of original design, and then of course, the disguise system, which will likely be mimicked by other companies in the future. The two playable characters add some replay value, but not that much. Like Resident Evil, once you play one character, you'll often find you don't want to play the game again with the other character. Solid try Sammy, but next time, put more effort on the core of the game, the stealth.
Armchair Empire, The (Oct 18, 2004)
Had Access Games come up with a better way to implement the disguise system, and eliminated all of the minor problems, Spy Fiction could've been a winner. It's still more fun than titles like Alias or Rogue Ops, and might be a nice detour of fans for looking for something new, but otherwise ends up as a mostly annoying experience.
GameDaily (Oct 28, 2004)
Overall, Spy Fiction fails to deliver enough to set this game apart from the many other titles similar to it. The overall feel of the game is too much Metal Gear Solid and not enough unique features to set this game on its own pedestal. . Gamers out there who like the stealth action genre will probably find Spy Fiction playable as long as they don't' expect anything more than average. However, for the majority of gamers out there, Spy Fiction is a mission that you will be better off avoiding.
Netjak (Sep 16, 2004)
Clocking in at about 8-10 hours, Spy Fiction isn't a horrible game, merely a slightly below average one. If you are just chomping at the bit and must play something to get your Metal Gear Solid 3 fix before it's here, then by all means, give Spy Fiction a whirl.
GamePro (US) (Oct 01, 2004)
Spy Fiction does get some things right though. Since everything from the character design to the gameplay style and even the sound effects seem to have been "borrowed" from Metal Gear Solid, the game is entertaining overall, but feels way too familiar and uncreative to warrant more than a single play through, though it is nice to have two selectable characters with unique skills and mission objectives if you do choose to replay this puppy. For all its faults, Spy Fiction is still an enjoyable title, but it seems unlikely anyone will stop to notice Spy Fiction lurking in the shadow of MGS 3 or Splinter Cell 3.
Daily Game (Oct 18, 2004)
The sad thing about Spy Fiction is that it almost gets interesting. There are some plot twists and a few entertaining cutscenes that toy with the idea of actually drawing you into the game. But they come too little, too late. And they certainly aren’t enough to make up for an unfinished game.
So, in the end, it's a fairly mediocre game. Despite it's grabbing for attention by touting its own single-name director (Swery [Hidetaka Suehiro], who worked on the Last Blade games at SNK), it's no match for Kojima's opus. After his last game before Spy Fiction, Swery "increased his fighting spirit for the next project." This increase wasn't enough to generate a pure winner in Spy Fiction, but if the spirit keeps increasing, maybe the quality of the games will, too.
GameSpy (Sep 08, 2004)
If you really can't wait another couple of months for the latest and greatest stealth-action game to hit stores (are we talking about Snake Eater or Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory? You decide!), Spy Fiction will hold you over. But if you're not that much of a diehard stealth gamer, then there are far better games to spend your money on this month.
1UP (Sep 27, 2004)
Before reaching the end of Spy Fiction, gadget buffs do get to play with a few techie spy tools, but other than an occasional hotspot that requires a specific one they figure very little into the course of the game. Nor does the hokey 'garbology' that makes dumpster diving a part of intelligence gathering provide much more than a way fill-in the gaps in the manual. For a game with so many features, its greatest accomplishment may be using them to be so mundane. Even for fans of the stealth genre anxious for something new, this piece of Spy Fiction makes only an amusing diversion at best.
Gaming Age (Oct 06, 2004)
When Spy Fiction works, it's really cool. There's something to be said about infiltrating a facility as a janitor, disguising yourself as a scientist, stealing retinal scans through some wacky spy gadgetry and finding the lotto ticket that just happens to be this week's password. It's just that those defining moments are spaced out by some poor AI and a punishing alert system that end up severely dampening the overall experience.
40 (Sep 13, 2004)
Spy Fiction joue dans le secteur ultra concurrentiel de l'infiltration. Pour se démarquer, il mise pratiquement tout sur son gameplay carnavalesque malheureusement très limité. On s'ennuie comme c'est pas possible. Heureusement, on peut à tout moment se moquer de la production lamentable qui supporte le titre. C'est déjà pas si mal.
Game Revolution (Sep, 2004)
To its credit, Spy Fiction occasionally seems bad in a good way thanks to some unintentionally funny B-movie schlock and ridiculous dialogue. But make no mistake- this is a bad game and isn't worth your attention unless you simply must run around as a stripper and taser people. At forty bucks, you'd have to be pretty gullible to buy into this spy's lies.