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Times Online (Sep 16, 2006)
In fact, Nowhere to Run blends its driving and on-foot fighting scenes with great success, and the hand-to- hand fighting scenes are particularly impressive. Unfortunately, with the Rock on board as the “talent” playing the spy hunter Alex Decker, Midway has got carried away with the cinematic feel of the venture at the expense of gameplay. This is a shame, because in between the fancy film work, a very good game breaks out.
While there are flashes of a solid game, Nowhere to Run picks up where the disappointing Spy Hunter II left us. The exterior is too bland, the story is uninteresting and the game doesn't benefit from its star. It screams average, and it doesn't leave much hope for the film is it ever starts filming.
GameSpy (Sep 11, 2006)
The simple fact is that the developers tried something different, going against the timeless adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," making a game that's more of a hassle than a pleasure to play. The glitches, poor controls and shabby visuals leave Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run without much to offer, even if you're an avid fan of the series. It's such a departure from what the series is known for, it could easily be called Generic Action Game & Car. Whether or not the celluloid counterpart sees the light of day, if this is any expectation of what to expect, it's going to be on par with a Uwe Boll movie, and that's not something to brag about.
40 (Sep 25, 2006)
Destiné à une note un peu moins élevée, Spy Hunter : Nowhere To Run doit cependant être remercié pour son franc optimisme et son espèce de grandeur d'âme. Assumant sa médiocrité, le titre ne se laisse pas abattre et se relève, tel un samurai bravant l'arrivée de la mort. Honnêtement, tout cela a un petit côté épatant. Mis à part cela, le soft de Midway est cruellement vide et bénéficie d'un gameplay bien trop bancal pour motiver son achat. Sauf si vous êtes un grand fan de The Rock.
35 (Sep 14, 2006)
While I understand Midway and developer Terminal Reality’s need to showcase The Rock and his action-star status for the sake of this game, Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run takes the franchise into entirely new and, sadly, entirely unwanted territory. Even with the out-of-place on-foot gameplay elements, the game would still fall flat due to its lackluster presentation and minimal level of actual fun. The game isn’t without its pros, but weigh them against its compost pile of cons, and Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run becomes little more than a Z-list title relegated to the bargain bin. Thanks for trying, Midway, but this ride’s a broken-down lemon.
Dear Mr. The Rock, I think you’re cool, even though you’re in some crap. The Rundown? Awesome! Be Cool? Terrible! You know what else is awful? Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run. Why would you appear in this game? The driving parts feel like controlling a drunken ice skater with a machine gun, and the action sequences are even worse. Your character model runs like he has a poopy diaper, and the gun combat is so erratic and goofy it’s like a Benny Hill episode. This game is glitchy and broken (I drove through a mountain!), and fails to deliver either solid driving or action. Please don’t do any more games like this, The Rock. You deserve better.