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Written by  :  Kartanym (12768)
Written on  :  Oct 05, 2001
Platform  :  PlayStation 2
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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daaaaaaaaaaaa dum, daaaaaaaaaaaaa, da dum!! Spy Hunter comes back with style.

The Good

The whole idea of re-creating classic titles has always been part of video games, what from Activision's Asteroids to the many Paper Boy sequels. But the one game I've always felt would make a good remake was Spy Hunter, and thank the Gods, Midway have answered my prayers.

Graphics: As with all games these days, the graphics feature highly detailed landscapes, cars and so forth. But the thing that caught my eye was the transitions between vehicles. Think of it as The Matrix combined with Transformers. When your car hits the water, and starts to transform into the speedboat, the now famous slow motion, 360 camera motion kicks in as the boat takes shape. The same happens when your car's shield falls below 50%, and then turns into a bike. I suppose you have to see it for yourself, but trust me, this rocks!

Gameplay: Thankfully, Paradigm have kept as close to the original as possible. All of the weapons are still around (including my personal fav, the oil slick). The car is simple to control, thanks to the PS2 dual shock (or a wheel, if you have one), and the action rarely takes a break.

Sound: Here's something else I'm pleased about, the many remix's of the original soundtrack, featuring the Peter Gunn theme. I can't help but sing along (even though there aren't any words!). And the sound effects themselves are well put together too, adding to the whole experience.

Extras: Only a handful of games include extras, so it's good to see them here. Included is a behind the scenes making of doco, some music items based on the music in the game, and a video clip called "Your Disease". Take note game developers, this is what I expect from you all from now on.

The Bad

Weapons: The new weapons are good, and as I mentioned, it was good to see the original weapons there too (Oil Slick, Smoke Screen), however they don't seem to be as effective as they once were. But you can't have everything.

The only other problem I had was the length of the game. There are a lack of levels to complete, and the later levels are longer versions of the first couple. On the flip side, they are by no means easy to beat.

And would it have hurt Midway by throwing in the original Spy Hunter as an extra? Unless, of course, it is there and I am yet to find it.

The Bottom Line

Midway have a thing for releasing arcade games on consoles. Their track record is borderline 50/50. So it's great to see them get it right in just about every way, and what better game to do it in.Those who remember the arcade Spy Hunter from the 80's will enjoy this in every way. And anyone who is yet to jump on the express, now is the perfect time.