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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Case - PlayStation 2:


    These are the three primary qualities that you must bring to Star Wars Starfighter, a flight action/adventure combining intense air and space combat in rich 3D environments. Join three starfighter pilots in a series of harrowing missions to save Naboo and the galaxy from the oppressive abuses of the Trade Federation. May the Force be with you, young starfighter pilot!

  • Pilot extraordinary 3D craft - including the Naboo N-I and a variety of never-before-seen craft.
  • Battle your way through stunningly real worlds and environments.
  • Test your flying skills - and courage - through 14-plus missions.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (68938) on Dec 31, 2002.

From uk.playstation.com:
    Star Wars debuts on PS2 with Starfighter, an epic of a game which more than lives up to what you might expect from a game bearing the reverential LucasArts name. And, needless to say, this game features some of the very best special effects you could hope to experience on the system.

    You play one of three space pilots who must protect Naboo from the malign Trade Federation. You'll embark on a range of different missions that see you roaming a spacescape that is vast and varied, but where danger lurks at every turn. The game features more than 50 enemy vehicles and baddies, so you'll need a keen eye for determining where is safe and where isn't. And once you've located the enemy (or they've located you!), get ready for some of the most frantic shooting action you've ever experienced in a Star Wars game - this time it's serious...

    Contributed by Grant McLellan (622) on Sep 12, 2001.

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