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GameZone (Dec 22, 2002)
Star Wars. When you hear those two words what comes to your mind? Hearing those words, people think of the magnificent movies, soundtrack, and books. This is one of the single most lucrative franchises in history. Honestly, can you think of a series that has survived this long, and still has such a strong cult following? Since the latest movie hit the theaters there has been a new string of Star Wars related items. The newest entry is a game called Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and takes place shortly after the events of the latest movie. Does this game hold the huge product value of the movie, or will it be a flop?
Consoles Plus (Mar, 2003)
Clone Wars est très fidèle à l'esprit de Star Wars et bénéficie d'une réalisation correcte. Mais son principe est trop répétitif et l'ensemble manque de pêche.
Game Over Online (Jun 16, 2003)
No matter what you thought about Attack of the Clones, George Lucas and his CG crew put some of their best work into the last forty-five minutes of the movie. The epic ground battle between Republican and Separatist troops was nothing short of breathtaking. While other Star Wars titles based on Attack of the Clones dance around this final segment, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is the only one that deals with the ground battle head on. Developed by Pandemic Studios, it's a vehicular combat game that is as successful a Star Wars game as it is an action game.
GameSpy (Jan 05, 2003)
"Make love, not war." This is not a strategy that'll serve you well when Jedi and Sith forces get a wild hair up their rump and head off to battle. Nor is it really a viable approach when wheeled battle droids are careening down out of the hills spewing missiles at you. Realistically, your only option is to fight it out. If you label this type of gung-ho gameplay a positive, then this direct port of the GameCube turn-and-burn thrill ride your game -- and a respectable one at that!
Throughout the course of the game, players will pilot a fighter tank, Republic gunship, speeder bike, maru, and assault walker. This diversification in gameplay styles prevents the action from becoming stagnant, but also produces mixed results on the gameplay front. It becomes apparent rather quickly which elements received the most attention during development. The gunship and tank handle exceptionally well, while the speeder bike and brief segments on-foot are so poorly contrived that they appear to have eluded playtesting entirely. The majority of gameplay is actually quite good, but these slivers of misery that are interspersed throughout the levels create frustration and disgust. The PS2 incarnation actually suffers a little more than the GameCube version. The framerate chugs more frequently and the visuals lack a number of the flashy effects. It’s decent, but there’s better Star Wars action to be had.
IGN (Dec 13, 2002)
Sometimes your game doesn't have to be perfect to be fun. Hampered by a serious framerate issue, collision detection problems, and various other tidbits, Star Wars: The Clone Wars still manages to shine through as a solid science fiction blaster. Sure it's better on GameCube, but who cares? It's still a game that'll be appreciated on a higher level by fans of the movie franchise (like myself) and casual fans as well. Technically flawed but spiritually powerful, Clone Wars is worth a look.
Game Chronicles (Jun 12, 2003)
This is my 15th Star Wars game review in the past five years that I have been writing game reviews. Frankly, I'm running out of ideas for witty opening paragraphs, and closing my reviews with “May the Force Be With You” is even starting to feel trite. Normally, this far into a franchise (assuming any franchise has ever made it this far) the games have become boring and my enthusiasm has dwindled to a small flicker. Thankfully, with source material as rich and inspiring as George Lucas’ Star Wars Universe, LucasArts has managed to re-energize the franchise using material from the latest movie, Episode II: (don’t make me say it) Attack of the Clones.
GameSpot (Dec 09, 2002)
It's a good, solid Star Wars game that should appeal to anyone who'd care to relive Episode II's large-scale action scenes.
65 (Feb 04, 2003)
Même si cette version PS2 ne souffre pas directement de la concurrence avec l'excellent Rogue Leader, le fossé qui sépare ces deux titres en termes de sensations de jeu n'en est pas moins évident et seuls ceux qui n'auront pas eu la chance de découvrir le soft de Factor 5 auront une chance de se laisser séduire quelques minutes par le contenu peu original de The Clone Wars. Le manque de surprise dans la mise en scène s'accorde avec la médiocrité du gameplay pour conférer au titre un potentiel ludique très faible et à l'intérêt franchement limité.
Factornews (Mar 06, 2003)
Cette version PS2 de The Clone Wars pèche au niveau de l'animation. Signalons que la version NGC propose de meilleurs graphismes et une bien meilleure fluidité. Très décevant sur le contenu des phases a pied, il reste tout de même très fun grâce au reste. Il conviendra cependant beaucoup mieux à des joueurs qui recherchent de l'action pure et simple qu'aux fins stratèges en mal de tactique belliqueuse.
GamePro (US) (Jan 08, 2003)
Set after Episode II, The Clone Wars' single-player campaign encompasses 16 missions across six different worlds. Each mission plants you in the middle of a large landscape and charges you with the usual action-game tasks fending off enemy attacks, escorting a supply transport, and so on. This fairly boring business is made a little more exciting by the vehicles your Jedi hops in and out of, from tanks and gunships to the more familiar (and Jedi-like) speederbike.