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The Video Game Critic (Jul 31, 2003)
The graphics probably won't blow you away, but the music is another story. With bouncy tunes of "Get This Party Started" (Pink) and "Love At First Sight" (Kylie Minogue) you'll be bobbing your head as you play. It's one of the best soundtracks I've heard in a video game. And the wild four-player mode is an absolute blast. There are also plenty of hidden goodies to open up as well, including music videos. Beach Volleyball Summer Heat is an ideal summer game, and a good buy for PS2 owners who've waited too long for a volleyball game.
GameSpy (Jul 14, 2003)
At a budget-priced $29.95, Summer Heat Beach Volleyball delivers a good amount of gaming for the buck. It's not the T&A fest that DOA Xtreme Volleyball is, but it isn't afraid to flash some skin (though no "nude code"). Where it's at its strongest, happily, is in the gameplay. The button scheme is in-depth enough to make the action challenging. Between the gameplay and the girls, Summer Heat Beach Volleyball ends up being an excellent way to take a cheap virtual vacation.
73 (Jul 30, 2003)
Auch wenn die Langzeitmotivation mangels spielerischer Variation und dank der viel zu früh freispielbaren Power-Spieler auf Dauer zu wünschen übrig lässt, ist Summer Heat Beach Volleyball dank der eingängigen Steuerung immer wieder gut für ein ungezwungenes Spielchen zwischendurch - vor allem, wenn man Freunde zu Besuch hat. Und spielt man doch alleine, kann man sicher sein, dass die KI sich nach allen Kräften bemüht, das Spiel zu gewinnen. Von der technischen Seite her kann Beach Volleyball allerdings nur eingeschränkt überzeugen. Grafisch gibt es zwar feine Animationen zu sehen, doch die Umgebungen sind im Gegensatz dazu eher dröge. Ähnlich verhält es sich mit der Akustik: Während der gut abgemischte Soundtrack für Sommer-Feeling sorgt, bieten die Soundeffekte nur Durchschnittskost. Unter dem Strich ein nettes Spielchen, das Ihr allerdings vor dem Kauf einem Probespielchen unterziehen solltet.
Overall, the game is actually pretty fun, its adictive and simple as an arcade game, the graphics are fluid and the girls are fun to look at. The controlls once you get used to them allow for a bit of stratagy, and don't really get in the way. At the games lower price point its fun and might be worth a look.
GameSpot (Jul 02, 2003)
Acclaim's Summer Heat Beach Volleyball is a game that doesn't really do much that hasn't been done in other volleyball games, namely Sega's Beach Spikers for the GameCube. By and large, Summer Heat also doesn't do anything particularly better than that game, though PS2 owners might not be familiar with Beach Spikers and wouldn't know the difference. Regardless, despite some rough edges, Summer Heat Beach Volleyball gets enough of the fundamentals right to keep things fun.
Game Chronicles (Jul 21, 2003)
Summer Heat Beach Volleyball is the third volleyball game to release for next-gen consoles and the only one currently available for the PS2. It builds on the premise of sexy women in revealing swimsuits already established in the earlier games then adds a substantially more complex and compelling gameplay element and intuitive graphical interface.
70 (Oct, 2004)
Character customization and being able to learn quickly are the best things about this game. I think it is a very good game to relax with, and I recommend it to people that love beach volleyball.
70 (Jun 30, 2003)
Au final, Summer Heat Beach Volleyball a son lot d'idées bien trouvées mais pêche par une difficulté soit trop basse soit trop confuse, une certaine répétitivité et un challenge un peu limité. L'archétype du jeu d'une saison que l'on saura apprécier quelques jours dans l'été mais dont on atteint vite les limites.
Of course, if you’ve a PS2 and are looking for a volleyball game, you can’t go anywhere else but here. Summer Heat Beach Volleyball succeeds at what it’s supposed to do, which is to bring a fast-paced and fun to play game of v-ball home to the masses. It’s also very reasonably priced at $29.99, and you don’t have to worry about getting sunburned and sand in your shorts while you’re playing. Unless you take your PS2 to the beach, that is…
70 (UK) (Jul 24, 2003)
It may well have escaped your attention that it's summer at the moment. We don't know about you but during the summer we rather enjoy indulging in summery things. Now, this may or may not include actually leaving the house - this may seem a little extreme to some of you - but trust us, it really can be fun. But for those of you who have actually fused with and become one with the sofa, Summer Heat Beach Volleyball may be the key to helping you understand and appreciate the glorious summer months without ever having to lever yourself out of the recliner.
GameZone (Jul 17, 2003)
Summer is here and the beaches are overcrowded with sun worshipers and those athletic souls that appreciate those beachside sports like beach volleyball and admiring the year’s latest swimwear fashions (come on, you know who you are). Thanks to the success of DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball for the Xbox, Acclaim is taking a stab at bringing a beach volleyball title to the PS2. Summer Heat Beach Volleyball serves up some intense volleyball action with plenty of bikini-clad eye candy, but is this one fun enough to put the ladies of DOA to shame? Grab a lounge chair and let’s talk beach volleyball.
GamePro (US) (Jun 26, 2003)
Thanks to Acclaim, PlayStation 2 owners no longer have to ogle longingly at the various beach volleyball games on the Xbox and GameCube. Summer Heat Beach Volleyball offers plenty of tasty ingredients that are prerequisite in a sexy, outdoor sporting contest bikinis, anatomically correct animations, and slow motion replays. Is that enough to make a great game. Read on, fellow tan-line fans.
ex doesn’t always sell (see BMX XXX), but I still wish this game was a bit sexier. The play is serviceable – the control scheme grows on you – but the character models are quite shoddy. It lacks depth, despite minigames and unlockables. I want upgradable characters like NBA Street, or DOA Xtreme’s attention to detail (i.e. hotties). Summer Heat is a good volleyball sim, but that’s all it is. Thus, it’s geared toward hardcore v-ball fans.
IGN (Jun 30, 2003)
We suppose that with the surprising success of Tecmo's Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball on Microsoft's Xbox, that it was only a matter of time before the PlayStation 2 had a variant of its own; which serves as the perfect introduction for Acclaims own answer, Summer Heat Beach Volleyball. Brought to us by the same team responsible for the upcoming XGRA and Alias, this budget-priced skin sport strives to be a better representation of the popular activity right from the outset. With various defensive and offensive techniques, attributes that actually matter, and real elements of teamwork, it's pretty much a given that it should be a superior product.
Frictionless Insight (Jul 23, 2003)
If what you are looking for is volleyball play, with good multiplayer action, Summer Heat Beach Volleyball is a solid choice. If you are in it to admire the computer generated human form, this is not the right game.
PlayFrance (Jul 15, 2003)
Premier jeu du genre à voir le jour sur PS2, Summer Heat Beach Volleyball s’en tire au final plutôt bien. Séduisant dans le fond avec un gameplay facile d’accès et rapide à prendre en main, le titre pêche par une réalisation graphique très loin de tirer partie des capacités du support. Reste qu’en tant qu’unique représentant du beach volley sur la console de Sony, Summer Heat devient du coup le meilleur jeu du genre sur PS2 mais reste encore très loin des références que l’on peut trouver sur les plate-formes concurrentes.
Summer Heat Beach Volleyball erbjuder en mängd alternativ, spellägen och karaktärer. Möjligheten att hitta nya baddräkter och meningslösa attiraljer finns där, givetvis, men stör inte dig som spelar. Det här är i slutändan en bagatell som är rolig för stunden och det bästa alternativet för dig som vill ha beach-volleyboll som spel.
Player1 (Oct, 2003)
Problemet med spelet är annars detsamma som hos föregångarna. Meningen med ett fyrknappssystem på en handkontroll med det dubbla antalet är oklar. Det resulterar i flera funktioner för varje knapp. Spelaren måste maniskt avläsa matchen för att ha en chans att hänga med. Kommer man förbi det hindret har Summer Heat en del nöje att erbjuda volleybollfantasten. Den ointresserade förblir dock oövertygad.