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GameZone (Dec 06, 2001)
Sunny Garcia Surfing is not a bad game. In fact, it could have been a great game if it weren’t for the controls. Certain gamers that expect a Tony Hawk kind of game will, no doubt about it, find this aspect of the game so bothersome that they would loose interest in the title quickly. That’s too bad, really, because there are many things to like about this title. Perhaps one day designers will learn from this title and improve on it but at the moment this game should make its way in your Must Rent List before you consider spending money on it.
Consoles Plus (Dec, 2001)
Certes, la modélisation des vagues, la jouabilité et la réalisation sont globalement améliorées dans cette version PS2. Mais le jeu reste toujours le même : on surfe sur une mer plate à l'infinie, et les environnements sont un peu vides.
75 (Feb 11, 2002)
While I'm not a surfer myself, and this may have lowered my thoughts on this game a little, I do recognise that Sunny Garcia Surfing is probably the best surfing game ever released. Unfortunately, for the casual gamer the game may not quite gel together too well. It's very tough to get into but even when you get used to the controls the game can be a little on the repetitive side. Graphically and sonically, Sunny Garcia Surfing isn't going to win any awards either with some average visuals and music compared to other PS2 titles. Still, if you are a surfing fan then do remember that this is still and enjoyable title as long as you invest some time in it. A solid enough title with a slightly lower pricepoint of $79.95.
IGN (Oct 30, 2001)
What this game really needs is a major enhancement to the trick system, to make it more full, and much deeper in trick combos, link, and to finally to offer some new creative gameplay modes that nobody has done before. Also, the camera system, at least in my opinion, has to somehow follow the surfer rather than lead him. It may look cool at first, but it's not the way to go in the long run.
64 (Feb 04, 2002)
Leider kann auch Sunny Garcias virtueller Wellenritt nicht wirklich überzeugen. Zu wenig intuitiv gestaltet sich das Ausführen der Tricks, zu unspektakulär präsentiert sich die grafische Umsetzung und die unübersichtliche Kameraführung wirkt alles andere als durchdacht. Schade um die eigentlich recht ordentliche Wellenphysik und das zumindest im Ansatz überzeugende Gameplay. PS2-Surffans können mangels brauchbarer Alternativen zwar Probe spielen, aber wer noch etwas Geduld üben kann, sollte auf jeden Fall noch Activisions Kelly Slater`s Pro Surfer abwarten, das schon jetzt gute Voraussetzungen auf einen würdigen Referenztitel verspricht.
You can't really compare surfing games to any other type of game. They are unique in style and abundance. I'd like to call them an elite few, but I can't. These games are far from elite, and SGS is no exception. The gameplay is thin, the music is horrible, and the replay value is low. Surfers might be the only ones to appreciate this game, but they probably won't enjoy it for much longer than anyone else.
GamePro (US) (Oct 23, 2001)
Although fairly fun, Sunny Garcia lacks true replay value since the action tends to feel repetitive, and the beaches begin to look the same. Be sure to rent before you buy.
GameSpot (Nov 29, 2001)
A year ago, a surfing game like Sunny Garcia may have been given some leeway, as both the surfing genre and the PlayStation 2 were both in their infancy. But since then, the surfing genre has been greatly refined, and the PlayStation 2 has experienced a massive influx of quality games. Surfing fans may get a kick out of Sunny Garcia Surfing regardless of its many flaws, but it's highly recommended that you test the water with a rental first.
Gamezilla (Nov 14, 2001)
Although it could’ve been a strong competitor for the PS2, Sunny Garcia Surfing’s lack of gameplay and graphics make it a weak contender at best. Mild and uninspired, this game could’ve been improved with a lot more attention to the small details. Camera views that only show off the scenery during a demo playback, and the fact that it’s still next to impossible to surf the barrel of the wave, really give this game a bad reputation in my book. Play this one only if you’re a hardcore surf fan, and even then I’d still suggest waiting for another title.
All Game Guide (Nov, 2001)
Given the overall blandness of the game, Sunny Garcia Surfing would have benefited from a greater emphasis on presentation and perhaps even a more over-the-top take on the sport, like SSX's interpretation of snowboarding. As it stands, the game won't impress surfers or encourage newcomers to become fans.