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Sunny Garcia Surfing Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

When the disc is inserted the game displays a 'Loading' screen. This is followed by a video montage showing blue sea, sunny skies, and fit people doing extraordinary things
The game's title screen. This is displayed as shown for a few seconds before the 'Press Start' text appears
The game's main menu. The test waves about to show it's under water and every so often something, e.g. turtle, shark ray, swims by.
After selecting the Freesurf option from the main menu the player must select a surfer, a beach and a surfboard. Not all options are available, some need must be unlocked
Starting a bit of Freesurfing. This is the first thing the player sees and it is important as it shows, in this case, the wave must be surfed left to right
As the wave builds the player uses the UP control to paddle and gain speed
At the wave builds under the player they press cross to mount their board. There are different kinds of mount which are worth more or less points depending on difficulty
Making a mistake can result in a spectacular looking fall from the crest of the wave
As the player performs tricks such as this Floater, i.e. riding the crest of the wave, the game names the move and racks up the points
It is possible to zoom in/out of the action which can help when riding a wave. Here a good take-Off has scored 4000 points and the text is just fading
There are fifty-four moves and the button combination for each is available in the Surf School menu
These are the game configuration options
The game records high scores for all combinations of difficulty and game mode
The start of a Surfing Championship. All these settings can be changed