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Immense retro experience with dozens of games. Rezorrand (261) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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The selection of classic and even a few somewhat modern arcade games is still enough to overcome some front-end issues. Even with only half of the best entries on the disc, this would still be held high amongst the retro community. Be prepared for and extended stay with this collection.
85 (Jun 08, 2006)
Ganz bewusst habe ich mich gegen eine Einzelwertung für Sound, Grafik und Gameplay entschieden, weil es einfach unfair wäre, 20 Jahre alte Spiele mit den heutigen Maßstäben zu vergleichen. Viel wichtiger ist der Spielspaß und genau der ist hier gegeben. Dem Charme der alten Klassiker kann sich niemand entziehen und auch das jüngere Publikum wird vielleicht zunächst die Nase rümpfen, dann jedoch die Qualitäten entdecken. Jedes Genre wird geboten und für jeden Geschmack sollte mindestens ein Spiel dabei sein. Dazu kommt der günstige Preis. Braucht ihr noch mehr Argumente?
The Video Game Critic (Jul 31, 2007)
The biggest letdown of the bunch is Front Line with its goofy visuals and poor controls. It was much better on the Colecovision! All games save high scores automatically, and many offer two-player co-op modes. Since many contain badly-translated Japanese text, you'll read some hilarious lines like "Next you!" (Violence Fight), and "the Earth died and was about to enter silence times" (Black Metal). If you have any appreciation for video game history, this package is solid gold, and if you have a arcade-style joystick (like my X-Arcade), all the better.
Worth Playing (Oct 30, 2007)
The controls are exceptionally tight, the translations from the original arcade titles are splendidly recreated in a fashion that suggests to me that great care was taken to ensure that each game would be faithful to the original and the interface is both simple and useful. Younger gamers will have a new experience with these titles and be introduced to the notion of a building where people used to put quarters into machines to play video games. Older players will get to experience a fair dose of nostalgia, and both groups will find new, entertaining experiences with games that have never before seen American shores. Only the greatest of technological snobs will dislike this offering, and they're not the target audience for this title anyway. Taito Legends 2 definitely earns its spot in my collection.
78 (May 26, 2006)
Wer dachte, dass die Bubble Bobble- und Space Invaders-Schöpfer mit Taito Legends bereits ihr gesamtes Retropulver verschossen haben, wird von Taito Legends 2 eines Besseren belehrt. Zwar werdet ihr von einigen völlig überflüssigen Lückenfüllern nicht verschont, aber der Umfang ist dennoch enorm und die Qualität der Titel insgesamt auf einem hohen Niveau. Es sind sogar ein paar echte Klassiker wie Puzzle Bobble 2, Darius Gaiden oder Space Invaders DX mit an Bord. Vor allem Fans traditioneller 2D-Shooter finden eine große Spielwiese, aber auch Puzzle-, Prügel- und Hüpffans kommen auf ihre Kosten. Ärgerlich ist nur, dass sich ambitionierte Sammler aufgrund einiger Exklusivtitel sowohl die PS2- als auch die PC- bzw. die uns nicht zum Test zur Verfügung gestellte Xbox-Version zulegen müssen, um in den Genuss aller 43 Titel zu kommen.
75 (Jun, 2007)
Those are the main games I found entertaining while checking out Taito Legends 2. Yes, there are other good ones I’m sure. But frankly when I checked out the fighting game Violent Fight and my boxer buddy was named “Lick Joe” I felt it was time to turn off the system. Though, my faith in gaming at large has somehow been reaffirmed. If Growl exists, a side scrolling fighting game about rescuing animals from poachers, and can seem somehow new and spectacular, then anything is possible.
IGN (Jun 04, 2007)
Thirty-nine games for $20 is nothing to scoff at, and most of these titles are a lot of fun to play. However, in a market thriving with compilations, Legends 2 is just outclassed by its predecessor and other titles that have shown us how much could be packed into these collections.
70 (UK) (Mar 31, 2006)
Taito Legends 2 confirms both sides of the argument several times over, featuring a staggering 39 coin-operated hits spanning 18 years - some of which you'll be all-too familiar with, and others that will have escaped the attention of all but the most ardent MAME freak. Riding on the back of the success of last year's 29-strong compilation, there's more than a whiff of barrels being scraped, but by virtue of the sheer weight of numbers there are still enough gems to warrant shelling out a mere £12.99 for it (Play's price - less than half the price of the mediocre Namco collection also released this week).
PSX Extreme (Sep 12, 2007)
But in the end, I did have fun for a few hours. That's more a testament to the simple entertainment these games afforded, and not really direct praise for Taito Legends 2. There just aren't a lot of games that deserve the "classic" label, here, and when you get right down to it, that's a major issue. It's almost always fun to reminisce, but how can you reminisce when you never experienced it in the first place? ...get what we're saying, Taito? If you're an old-school gaming fan, you should probably check it out, but examine that list above first. That's really the only requirement.
Diehard GameFan (May 28, 2007)
Although this is the lowest score I’ve given to any compilation out for the PS2, it’s by no means the worst (Atari and Tecmo collections come to mind). A 6.5 is an above average score, and it is almost worthy of being labeled good, but some serious control issues on a few games and some noticeable exceptions of Taito’s best games like PB1 and Bubble Bobble 2 being replaced by 3 different Space Invaders titles and some serious pieces of crap drags the overall value down. Still, this is a game worth purchasing if you manage to find it thanks to some real gems and overlooked classics on here. I have to admit though, I think Taito has fallen to #6 of my all time favorite developers, with Game Freak taking the #5 spot after this collection.
60 (May 16, 2006)
Il est toujours délicat de noter ce genre de titres, mais parmi tous ceux que l'on a eu l'occasion de voir ces derniers temps, celui-ci est loin d'être le plus mauvais. Le contenu est riche d'une quarantaine de softs qui ont le mérite d'être particulièrement diversifiés, et même si la plupart sont peu connus du public occidental, on a parfois d'excellentes surprises.