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Any light-gun game fan should get Crisis Zone. It translates the feel of other rail shooters (including other Time Crisis games) really well, and has a very enjoyable (and challenging) gameplay experience.
Crisis Zone es un título imprescindible que ningún fan de los buenos arcades de disparo debe perderse. Aunque ha perdido la capacidad de sorprender debido a que su lanzamiento ha sido posterior al de Time Crisis 3, es un título más que recomendable para los poseedores de la flamante G-Con 2. Graficamente es notable, y su diversión y adicción están fuera de toda duda. No lo dudes: si te gustan los juegos de pistola y ya has terminado todos los que tienes, Crisis Zone es tu siguiente objetivo.
Game Chronicles (Oct 28, 2004)
I am a little bummed the game came with just a Guncon pistol, as the arcade unit had a nice little MP5 approximation. One must also take into account that a gun game (especially an arcade port) isn’t going to be as long as an RPG. If you want a great gun game, Crisis Zone perfectly fit’s the bill, just don’t be expecting any 30+ hour playtimes like you’d find in an RPG.
GamesFirst! (Nov 13, 2004)
Time Crisis: Crisis Zone is worth a look for fans of light-gun games. It isn't quite as big or refined as Time Crisis 3 (this is an older game, after all) but the ability to shoot pretty much anything and everything in the environments makes the game very fun and satisfying. Give it a rental at least, but definitely play it.
Gaming Age (Oct 12, 2004)
With a slew of new features, a few new modes, and the knowledge in knowing that Namco still cares about you GunCon owners, it is easily worth the money to pick this one up if you find yourself a fan of the genre. Heck, even if you own just one GunCon, you may do yourself a favor and pick up the packed in gun version of the game just to enjoy the double gun action. However you look at it, light gun games are still active, and if you want it to stay that way, make sure to grab this strong sequel to the already popular series.
Game Over Online (Feb 03, 2005)
This is usually a useless statement, I'll admit, but if you like Time Crisis games, Crisis Zone will probably appeal to you. It switches out the series's usual pistols for fully automatic firepower, but its biggest mistake is in replacing previous games' lunatic action setpieces with simple destruction for destruction's sake. It's not as satisfying an experience as, say, Time Crisis 3, but if you're looking for a title to use your lightgun with, Crisis Zone will keep you entertained for a while.
70 (Sep 21, 2004)
La série des Time Crisis suit son petit bonhomme de chemin, sans grande évolution mais se voulant de plus en plus nerveuse et toute entière dédiée à des gun-fights homériques. Une durée de vie un peu faiblarde certes mais un jeu jouissif au possible pour qui se nourrie du cinéma du grand Sam Peckinpah.
70 (Oct 13, 2004)
Crisis Zone is a light gun game that takes the genre backwards if anything and it's certainly not up there with Time Crisis 3 which remains the benchmark. Still, there is enough reason to dust off you light gun for this game if you love the genre.
Daily Game (Oct 16, 2004)
While we're on the topic of spraying fire, Namco's made this even easier by letting you double up on your lead blasting abilities. In Crisis Zone, you can hook up a second Guncon (light gun) and go John Woo on the bad guys. Or you can always use 'em to switch between guns while one is reloading. To keep you coming back for more gunplay action, there are quite a few unlockables and additional challenges. Just trying to finish everything in Crisis Zone should keep you busy for several days (if not weeks.) If you like Guncon/light gun games, you should definitely rent Time Crisis: Crisis Zone. Hardcore fans of the light gun genre should consider this a purchase, but only when it hits the $20 price range. I just can't see sinking $40-$50 into a light gun title that doesn't really do all that much new.
The bottomline? Even with all of the small nuisances that were beginning to add up as I was reviewing the game I was still prepared to give the "Crisis Zone" the benefit of the doubt. BUT, the "gun compatibility" factor was simply too much to bear. Especially being that the guns are exactly the same! What does this mean? Is my gun from "Time Crisis 3" actually the original "Guncon" controller in a "Guncon 2" package? The world may never know. Shame on you, Namco!! A very disappointing and mediocre experience has forced me to pass a judgment of no more than 3 + Gin gems on this title.
70 (UK) (Aug 27, 2004)
Although there are evidently a ton of bonuses to unlock in Crisis Zone, the key problem with it is also its strength. It's a resolutely one dimensional game, lacking in any real forward momentum once you've seen both 25 minute, three zone story modes, so it's a genuine surprise that this archaic gaming style is still part of the landscape, getting prettier, but barely changing. Sometimes, though, familiarity and simplicity are exactly what's called for, and for those of you that just can't get enough of these dumb-arsed shooters, Crisis Zone has a certain cultish appeal that's just on the right side of admirable. But for those who've seen it all before and no longer have the appetite for destruction, this isn't likely to be the game to change your mind.
GameZone (Oct 20, 2004)
Time Crisis: Crisis Zone is a fast-paced arcade shooter that soft-peddles a storyline to try to work some cohesion into the game. Is the storyline that important? No. The action is pretty much nonstop, and you are dragged to each shooting location. This is purely a reflexive arcade shooter. If you are looking for a light straightforward shooter, this may be your ticket to the target-and-shoot entertainment you crave. It looks good and plays well. If you are looking for a little more meat with your FPS potatoes, you may wish to dine elsewhere.
GamePro (US) (Oct 20, 2004)
The game does attempt to boost the replay value by offering a number of minor unlockables and additions like new weapons, a handful of Crisis Mode mini-games, score rankings, and dual gun-wielding action--a cool feature for gamers with two GunCon 2s. Without any multiplayer modes or longer scenarios, Crisis Zone is an undeniably short (but fun) game that's best enjoyed as a weekend rental by those outside the diehard Time Crisis fan base.
PGNx Media (Nov 02, 2004)
Time Crisis: Crisis Zone is a pretty fun game for the few hours that you’ll go through it. It just doesn’t do anything particularly different enough to warrant purchase. Unless you were really looking forward to using that Gun Con 2 again, you’ll be better off spending your $50 elsewhere.
GameSpy (Oct 18, 2004)
Does being a good shooter entitle Crisis Zone to sit at the head of the table reserved for this holiday's best games? Not happening; more like it got seated somewhere by the men's bathroom. But, it definitely is the best console gun game I've played, which stands for something. It brings the genre closer to where it should be: in line with the potential of technology (and even the capabilities of the awesome GunCon 2). However, the genre (and the series) still isn't where it really should be at this point, and that's a real shame.
Worth Playing (Nov 20, 2004)
If I were to say one thing to sum up this game, I think it would be “short.” I was able to clear through Crisis Zone in a couple of hours, and I was even taking breaks to write things down. I imagine that the average gamer should get an hour or two out of the story mode. The place where you get some replay would be the mission modes, which are constructed special circumstances with specific goals: don’t destroy any public property, destroy all the public property, or shoot terrorists only in the left thumb (okay, I made up the last one). These missions are much, much harder than the story mode, frustratingly so, at times, but they help to bring some additional gameplay, at least, until you realize that they are all basically the same. It’s a solid choice for a rental and will provide the average gamer with a day or two of fun, especially if you already have a Guncon2 unit. Even if you don't, you can still play with a controller… but it’s just not the same.
If you love shooting games or need a warm up for your next NRA target practice party, Crisis Zone may be worth a look, but everyone else will quickly tire of this one-trick pony.
1UP (Oct 04, 2004)
There's no question that Crisis fans will want a copy of Crisis Zone for their collections, if only to give their dusty GunCons a little workout. But it's ultimately a shallow diversion from the more substantial offerings of its predecessors.
Crisis Zone doesn't do much to differentiate itself from the Time Crisis series. It is an okay game that should have been better, I couldn't help but get an impression of "been there, done that" while playing the game.
GameSpot (Oct 18, 2004)
There's a certain amount of novelty to blowing everything up, but Time Crisis: Crisis Zone is too short and too easy. And, with Namco's own Time Crisis 3--which is longer, deeper, more innovative, and more challenging--already on the PlayStation 2, it's just too late. It's a solid two-day rental, where you can return the game knowing you have basically wrung everything enjoyable out of it, but as a full-priced PlayStation 2 game, it's just not worth it.
Gamekult (Sep 28, 2004)
Bien que le bilan technique de Time Crisis : Crisis Zone soit très correct et fidèle à la mouture arcade, nul doute que les amateurs de pétoire virtuelle resteront sur leur faim, une fois l'euphorie des premières minutes passées à balayer l'écran de balles meurtrières. Extrêmement bourrin, jouable en solo uniquement, et facile de surcroît, cet épisode un peu à part dans la série ne révèle aucune finesse dans son gameplay, et se contente juste d'être un défouloir de qualité, mais au contenu un peu limité. Les furieux de la gâchette pourront néanmoins se le procurer sans trop de risques : s'il se révèle décevant pour un jeu de la série, Crisis Zone demeure néanmoins au dessus de la concurrence.
GameDaily (Nov 09, 2004)
For what it's worth, Crisis Zone is a great way to kill a half an hour once or twice a week, but I'd like to think that we all deserve some sort of value for our money, and at $60 ($50 without the Guncon 2), Crisis Zone isn't worth the scratch, especially since it's competing with scores of holiday games that trump it in just about every category. Do yourself a favor, rent the game, and get it out of your system. As you're probably well aware, 2004 is full of quality shooters that deserve your attention.
IGN (Oct 11, 2004)
Time Crisis: Crisis Zone is a game about shooting a giant man in the face one hundred and eighty thousand times to prevent him from throwing barrels at your character's head. It's a stylized on-rails first-person shooter that features the same timed zones and ducking mechanics that the original Time Crisis game popularized so long ago. It's also completely wacky, like every polygonal on-rails shooting game has been since Virtual Cop first taught us how likely a million mobsters held up in a construction yard actually was.
The Next Level (USA) (Oct 26, 2004)
Truth be told, Crisis Zone isn’t a bad game. But, like this review, it’s too short to warrant its sticker price and is suitable only as rental fodder for those that happen to own Guncon 2’s. The genre hasn’t progressed and one could effectively argue that this installment is actually a step back from Time Crisis 3. And that as they say, is that.
Bordersdown (Jul, 2005)
Crisis Zone, then, will win few awards for advancing the lightgun genre; almost all of its ideas have been borrowed from other, arguably better games. It does, however, have a certain charm to its style and quirks, and those lightgun fanatics looking for something extra to test their abilities on would be well served by this offering. Anyone else is advised to look to Time Crisis 2 or Vampire Night, as both are much better showcases for the genre.
IGN (Oct 11, 2004)
Crisis Zone is a light gun game. Why does that mean it has to be a sad, simple, short, and unfulfilling light gun game? I don't know, but that's the way it is. Crisis Zone does nothing new, but vainly tries to capitalize off an eight-year-old gimmick so that to establish a unique kind of worth that never truly gets backed by any actual game.
As an arcade game, Time Crisis: Crisis Zone may have been average to fair, but as a five year-old port without its original interface, it doesn't offer much to console gamers. I can almost recommend it absolute lightgun nuts looking for an excuse to pick up another GunCon2, but it's just too much of a step down from other games of its kind.
Game Shark (Dec 03, 2004)
In the end it is just not quite enough. While a solid lightgun game in the classical sense, Time Crisis: Crisis Zone just does not offer enough innovation to highly recommend it if the player already owns previous games in the franchise. If you like lightgun games and really want to try the more raucous sub-machine gun action, it could be worth a look for you.