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Written by  :  Aaron A. (58)
Written on  :  Mar 30, 2006
Platform  :  PlayStation 2
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Intense, Stealthy, and Interactive

The Good

Chaos Theory had many ups for me, including graphics, storyline, audio, and action. Unlike many gun-bearing games, the goal in this game is to NOT use your gun (as much as possible at least), which is also the goal of the Splinter Cell series. You will encounter various enemies which get extremely complex and show you the real side to being stealthy. The A.I. in Chaos Theory had to one of the best I've seen, even in Normal mode they were quite intelligent and could pick up your sounds, and see you if you moved to close to a light, they also kept you on your toes and at times very nervous.

The Bad

Occasionally Sam Fisher (the main character) can brag about his past experiences over the communications a bit, making him seem almost godly, and the enemy can get stereotypical (you may notice Koreans speaking English in the "funny" American accent). Also, if your a big head-on-FPS fan, you may not have the patience to wait in the shadows for your prey, this game defiantly requires a player's patients. The foremost thing that sub-consciously got on my nerves was the music, granted, it was good, but when it plays an "Action tune" (when you engage an enemy head on), the beat of it may be enough to send you off the wall. Which could be a plus for gameplay.

The Bottom Line

This game is defiantly a good buy, excellent A.I., storyline, and action. I think anyone could enjoy this game on some level.

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