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Move over 007 Terrence Bosky (5463) 4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars
Near perfect stealth action. DarkDove (68) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Stealth James Bond MAT (222850) 3.43 Stars3.43 Stars3.43 Stars3.43 Stars3.43 Stars
As an N.S.A. employee, Sam Fisher needs to hunt down and kill Georgian president Kombayn Nikoladze because of his terrorist acts against the USA Toncian Vlad Ionut (3) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.7
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.7
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.7
Overall User Score (35 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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games xtreme (Apr 24, 2003)
Buy it, it really is well worth it, there’s so much that’s been added – tweaked and redesigned it would take more than these few words to describe it to be honest. Sam Fisher’s adventures just got bigger and better, and PS2 owners have something to boast about. With slightly more loading places and the load times have been optimised for the console, you’ll find that it’ll be easier in some ways to complete – but the evil enemy AI and the need for Stealth will make it a definite challenge and one that you should come back to. Oh and one more thing, all the features from the Xbox DVD are there too – so you can marvel at how the game was made.
GameZone (Apr 21, 2003)
There is often that slight tinge of envy whenever another console comes out with that brilliant title you probably won’t get to play--unless, of course, your friend owns the console in question--and Playstation 2 owners have felt this more than any other console. One of the games that caught our eye, since the hype built it up to Must Have status, is Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. Well, PS2 owners, prepare to dance a jig of joy. Splinter Cell has come to the PS2 . . . and it even has some exclusive bonuses. So who’s jealous now?
Game Chronicles (May 30, 2003)
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell is one of those games that reviewers dream of almost as much as the gamers who play them. For me, the dream began at the 2002 E3 show where I was treated to a personal demo from one of the lead art designers. Even as I watched Sam Fisher gracefully move around with stealthy precision I knew that Ubisoft had a mega-hit ready to explode onto the gaming world.
Worth Playing (May 05, 2003)
The game is so well designed that I will definitely recommend this game to anyone out there. I have never played the Xbox version so I cannot give a detailed comparison of the two, but UbiSoft has surely outdone themselves this time. Not only are the sound and video great, but the game play is awesome as well. With only a few flaws, the game has got to be one of my favorites. This game is definitely worth the retail price tag.
95 (Mar 25, 2003)
Non on ne notera pas moins bien ce Splinter Cell sur PS2 par rapport aux autres supports sur lesquels il est déjà sorti. Et pourquoi donc ? Parce que les guerres de consoleux ne riment à rien et que l'on est bien obligé d'admettre que les développeurs nous honorent d'un bel effort pour adapter le jeu original sur une autre machine plutôt que de nous faire cracher du fric pour un portage bidon. Alors certes, la qualité technique n'est pas exactement celle de la version Xbox mais quoi qu'il en soit les performances de la PS2 sont particulièrement bien exploitées, dans un titre qui ne perd rien de l'intense plaisir de jeu qu'il est susceptible d'offrir à son acquéreur !
PSX Extreme (Apr 02, 2003)
In the end, Splinter Cell's arrival on the PS2 is one that should NOT be missed by anybody. Splinter Cell is currently one of the finest PS2 games on the market and it deserves your attention. Ubi Soft Shanghai did an incredible job at porting Splinter Cell over to the PS2, as they've managed to keep the most important visual aspects well intact, and even made some accommodating aesthetic changes to most of the levels. It's arguably a different experience on the PS2, particularly because of the extra level, the changed objectives, the modified level designs, and the 30 extra minutes of CG cinema. If visuals aren't a factor to you, and you don't mind settling for a slight downgrade, the PS2 (or GameCube) version of Splinter Cell is your best bet.
GameSpy (Apr 14, 2003)
Some might call it a suicide mission -- a daunting challenge that requires every ounce of your technical knowhow and physical ability. The probability of failure far outweighs the slim chance of success. One false move and you're a dead man. No, I'm not talking about going behind enemy lines and cracking an international terrorist ring. I'm talking about the terrifying task of bringing Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell to the PS2.
Gaming Target (May 09, 2003)
Finally, the strongest effect is the little nuances that make a stealth game great. This is, the little noises you make if you're not careful. See, when you're walking along grating, I'd suggest being quiet, as it will make a noise to alert guards. Same on creaky wood, or worse, walking on broken glass. All these little tricks are well reproduced in the game, and becomes something to be wary of if you're irresponsible.
IGN (Mar 24, 2003)
Tom Clancy books always make for good games. They have compelling storylines, sophisticated characters and most importantly, lots of action. But what happens when you make a Tom Clancy game from scratch, no book or idea to draw inspiration from? Well, you might end up with a game like Splinter Cell.
90 (UK) (Mar 28, 2003)
If you're even vaguely intrigued by the prospect of the best stealth game the world has ever seen, then our advice is to buy this immediately. It's challenging, well paced, satisfying and features some of the best visual trickery the PS2 has pulled off to date. It may be too frustrating for some tastes, but to pass it by would be to deny yourself one of the best games around. It may have taken an 80-strong Chinese code (sweat) shop to convert, but it's been worth the effort. Ubi Soft deserves massive credit for this, and a massive hit to boot. Enjoy.
90 (Apr 02, 2003)
Respekt! Anstatt sich mit einer einfachen Umsetzung zu begnügen, was sicherlich auch seinen Zweck erfüllt hätte, entschloss sich Ubi Soft die PS2-Version gewaltig aufzupeppen. Nicht nur, dass die Grafik optimal an die PS2 angepasst wurde - mit den leicht veränderten, aber dennoch sinnvollen neuen Steuerungsoptionen, neu arrangierten Abschnitten und den aufwändig produzierten Renderfilmen bekommen Stealth-Fans weitaus mehr geboten als eine platte Xbox-Konvertierung. Da sowohl Spannung als auch Atmosphäre auf einem beständig hohen Niveau gehalten werden, führt auch auf der PS2 kein Weg an Sam Fisher vorbei - selbst eingeschworene Solid Snake-Anhänger werden sich nicht dem spielerischen Charme von Splinter Cell entziehen können.
For some reason, Ubi removed large chunks of material from the original Xbox version. Assuming it did so simply because of technical inadequacies of the PS2, I Initially laughed and teased the PS2 – rudely playing the role of crony for big bully Xbox. Shortly thereafter, PS2 proceeded to sucker-punch me, showing me the error of my ways. I am now inclined to think that perhaps the game was changed simply for variety's sake.
GameSpot (Apr 04, 2003)
One of the most popular, most successful, and best-looking games for Microsoft's Xbox is now on the PS2, and in certain ways it's better than the original. Reminiscent less of games like Metal Gear Solid and more of games like Thief: The Dark Project and Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is a stealth-driven action adventure that sends you, as operative Sam Fisher, around the globe on numerous highly secretive and very dangerous assignments.
82 (May 10, 2003)
So, now we've confirmed that this is a 'good' game, does it live up to the standards of its Xbox counterpart? Well the game definitely seems more complete with an extra level, more video, improved musical score and better interaction. The graphics, although exceptional, are always going to fall short of the Xbox's capabilities. It seems too, that with only one game play mode this game is going to be picked up and put down in weeks. One of its selling points has to be its cinematic look and feel but it has also been aimed at this game that this element has been a detriment to the games sense of fun and enjoyment. The addition of a multiplayer option or some kind of shorter arcade-style missions might have been an interesting improvement, but as it goes this game is still damned impressive. It could be argued the heavy attention to slow deliberation and guile has detracted from the titles sense of 'play', but if this floats your boat then you are going to love Splinter Cell.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (May 08, 2003)
Splinter Cell är fortfarande precis lika hårslitande svårt och kontrollen är perfekt överförd. Det är alltså egentligen bara grafiken som skiljer versionerna åt, och ibland är skillnaden faktiskt inte så stor där heller. Men för varje väl bevarat kontorsrum och trapphus finns en avklippt korridor eller ett öppet fönster som inte längre släpper in ett disigt morgonljus. Det känns lite som lightversionen. Har du möjlighet, skaffa Xbox-spelet istället. Men hobbyagenter som sitter med enbart en Playstation 2 kommer inte att bli besvikna.