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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Main Title
The new 4mins intro cinematic gives a premise to the story and is fully orchestrated, and only FMV in widescreen format in the game.
Two covert ops CIA agents got captured. That's a point where you come in and take the front plan.
Interview with Sam (the main character, that is).
FMVs are in between every mission, and these are not in widescreen nor of quality as the new intro.
Main loading screen (loading screens all use neat clearing picture effect)
Main Menu
Some of extra features that come with PS2 version.
Mission information will consist of synopsis of your goals, as well as of many other info you may read at your leisure.
Meeaaooow!!! I hate water, I hate water!
What all risks Sam won't take just for a great view.
When near the fire, you can notice the hot air effect included in PS2 code.
When walking through some tight places, camera angel may become a bit hard to play with.
It is always wise to carry you fallen enemy into a shadowy corner so another guard wouldn't sound the alarm if noticing the body.
Whenever the area is covered in dense smoke or fog, heat-sensor mode is preferrable.
Actions such as opening windows, picking up ammo, or such will automatically appear once you're close to execute them.
When discovered, it's time make your rifle whistle.
Leaning against objects and walls and shooting from angle is too doable.
Using an optical cable to watch through the door gap.
Locked doors require a talent of a thief, and the use of lockpicks.
Talking to your comrades.
And just when you were about to shoot, a report of mission failure if killing anyone came so suddenly.
Sam is usually serious, but even he allows himself some slips of a humour on occasions.
Zooming in on chinese soldiers.