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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Introduction video. Beat the game with a particular skater to unlock more videos.
Main menu
Choose from a number of real-life skaters.
New decks can be unlocked for each skater.
The Rio loading screen.
In career mode, you will have two minutes to complete various tasks in a level.
Complete a number of tasks to move on to the next skating arena.
Rodney Mullen showing what he does best—the manual.
Dropping in a bowl in Canada.
Bam takes a bam on the head.
You can grind pretty much anything in this game.
Doing multiple trick combinations will greatly increase your points.
Chad Muska settling for the least with a FS Shove-It.
Darth Maul can be unlocked as a skater.
A great idea for yet another Star Wars franchise game. George Lucas should be all over this.
Nosesliding the lights at the airport.
Airport security used to allow this.
At Skater Island, you must compete against other skaters for the best score.
Demoness can be unlocked as a skater.
The streets of LA after an earthquake.
Kareem Campbell grinding some stairs.
Skating Tokyo at night.
Elissa Steamer grinding it out on the walkway.
Going for the upside-down loop ahead.
Wolverine enjoys the scantily clad women on the cruise ship.
Careful on those ledges!
Don't fall off the boat!
A few levels can be unlocked from the original THPS, such as Roswell.
Tired of the skaters the game provides? Create your own!
Create your own levels too!