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Triangle Again Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Game options.
Game story is split into chapters.
Talking to your friend.
Choices branch the story in this interactive anime.
Business talk.
Time for audition.
There is no good answer to a question you haven't listened to begin with.
Ballet dance for the audition.
Going on a rock concert with your friend.
Say the truth or lie.
Running at the rock band who tried to sneak out using the back exit.
Talking to a head hunter.
Interlude during the episode, much like in anime series.
A little make up and new hair style and you're almost unrecognizable.
Talking to your new agent.
The band members don't seem to get along at the moment.
Your mom didn't like the idea of you trying to become a pop singer.
Shopping for new clothes.
Practicing dance moves.
What happens when you misstep.
Debut singing.
Talking to the rest of the band members after the concert.
In the recording studio.
Live performance on TV.
Your single has become a hit.
Practice makes perfect.