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Tribes: Aerial Assault Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Battle in the intro movie
Main Menu
Player customize menu
Match creation menu
Jetpacks are the key source of travel in Tribes
Open battlefields mean you'll have to travel to the fight.
Base equipment can be destroyed and must be guarded.
These pads resupply you or allow you to change your class/loadout.
Life bars appear when you get close or start to do damage.
Assaulting an enemy base from the air.
Got the flag! Time to run it back to base.
Capture and Hold mode. Keep enemies out of your control points.
The Heavy armor's rocket launcher can lock on to enemies.
Loading screens give info for the upcoming game type and map.
If the map supports it, grab a vehicle and take to the skies.
Bombers are slow, but extremely helpful.
Dropping ordnance on enemies and turret defenses will make it easier to capture from the ground.
In Hunters mode, players drop flags on death. Return any you've collected to the Nexus to bank those points.
Deathmatch on an icy map.
Deathmatch in a jungle valley.

Official Screenshots

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  • Tribes: Aerial Assault Screenshot
  • Tribes: Aerial Assault Screenshot